HORSE ATTACK - Flashnfirewater, a Palomino colt, shot in WY

HORSE ATTACK - Flashnfirewater, a Palomino colt, shot in WY

07 October 2020


Stolen Horse International hopes that law enforcement officers in Linch, Wyoming are investigating the shooting of a Palomino colt just as they did two horses outside of Evanston in July 2020 and Laramie in May 2019.

Sadly, the shooting of Flashnfirewater is the latest incident of horse shootings in Wyoming

Therese Farris posts on her Facebook page on October 5th the following.

“I can't tell you how much my heart aches right now. My hopes and dreams for this colt have been shattered. I looked out my window this morning to check on all my horses and saw my colt lying. I went to check on him and he had been shot in the head. I hope the person or person responsible realize what was taken from me and future generations. RIP Quick Flashnfirewater.”

If you have any information on the case, contact the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office or Therese Farris.

Other Horse Shootings In Wyoming

Man accused of killing four horses, By Jordan Achs Laramie Boomerang Via Wyoming News Exchange May 30, 2019  
LARAMIE — An Albany County man is facing eight felonies for allegedly shooting and killing four horses between April 13 and May 14 near national forest land in northern Albany County.

Two Horses Shot Near Evanston; Investigation Underway, Nick Learned, Published: July 2, 2020
Law enforcement officers in southwest Wyoming are investigating the shooting of two horses outside of Evanston.

There are more articles listed in the comment section below this article. 

If you see anything suspicious in your neighborhood or know of a crime committed on a farm, call law enforcement and report it immediately. Is there anything you can do before the crime happens? Yes, there is!

Start a community FARM WATCH program where neighbors look out for suspicious activity and report it to each other. Your program will be successful if people join together to help one another before the worst happens. Prevention education has been the core of for over 20 years. Now we are inviting the public to become active in protecting their own farms and horses, together.

Stolen Horse law enforcement advisors say that a sign is one of the best ways to protect your property. We highly suggest that you make a sign, or purchase one already made, and post it on your barn, gates, and road front footage. Signage may also be purchased through our store on our website,

We hope you do get your neighbors in your community to help each other in a Farm Watch program. But even if you don't, do the criminals who read the sign know that you don't? 

Think about it and start your protection program today. 


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