Debi Metcalfe, Speaker, Clinician and Consultant

Debi Metcalfe, Speaker, Clinician and Consultant

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Stolen Horse International, Inc., a 501(c)(3), an all-volunteer-run nonprofit organization, also known as, was started by Harold and 
Debi Metcalfe in 1997 after the theft of their horse Idaho. There was no education and no place to turn for help when Idaho was stolen. It was during the 51 weeks that it took to find their horse that the Metcalfes knew something needed to be done for the tens of thousands of victims like themselves. 

 Although they never envisioned where they would be decades later, their leadership, inventiveness, and admirable contribution toward positive changes in the equine industry, these visionaries have filled a gap in the equine industry worldwide and are true pioneers. 

 Stolen Horse International is the only organization of its kind in the world that is not only known for its strong missing, lost, found, and stolen equine NetPosse Alert network, but one that also focuses on Education aimed at helping horse owners learn to be proactive and protect horses before the worst happens. 

 Spearheading all operations of the organization is founder and President Debi Metcalfe, whose passion brings Education to the public in a variety of ways through Stolen Horse International's Educational Outreach Program. Some of Metcalfe's and the organization's accomplishments are listed below. 

 Debi Metcalfe offers seminars and clinics for horse expos, 4H, horse clubs and breed associations, etc., via Stolen Horse International's 

Educational Outreach Program. If you'd like Debi to speak at your next function or need more information, email Debi by clicking on the Contact Us button above.

Book author - Horse Theft. Been There--Done That (SOLD OUT!)

Speaking Topics

  • Horse Theft
  • Civil Matters
  • Equine Identification
  • Farm and Barn Security
  • Equine Made Disasters
  • Inspirational and Motivational
  • National Disaster Prep and Recovery

TV and Radio:

  • NetPosse News Show Host (broadcast live on social media)
  • Inside Edition
  • FOX TV's America's Most Wanted
  • PBS Radio's Weekend America Show
  • RFDTV's - HorseCityTV segments
  • Horses In The Morning Radio Show
  • Tracey Morgan Interview for Butler News Network
  • Debbie Loucks - Horsemanship Radio
  • Best of America by Horseback Radio
  • Best of America RFDTV show
  • Experience Cleveland County TV Show
  • Butler News Network - Tracy Morgan Podcast
  • Horsemanship Radio 
  • Rick Lambe Show
  • Speaking of Horses
  • Jim Campbell Show
  • Lisa Ross-Williams's "If Your Horse Could Talk" show

Presenter at: 

  • 2018 World Equestrian Games
  • Horse Lovers Summit 
  • 37th Annual American Youth Horse Council (AYHC) Symposium
  • Southern States Livestock and Rural Enforcement Association Conference
  • Hoosier Horse Fair
  • Pomona Equine Affaire
  • Ohio Equine Affaire
  • Kentucky Equine Affaire 
  • Massachusetts Equine Affaire
  • Texas Horse Expos
  • Lynn Palm's "Women Luv Horses" Expo
  • New York EquiFest
  • Southern Equine Expo
  • Mule Days at Leatherwood
  • Equifest Kansas
  • NATRC National Convention
  • Alabama Horse Fair   
  • Florida Equestrian Celebration 
  • Florida Equine Capital Horse Exposition
  • Virginia Equine Extravaganza
  • NC Equine Extravanganza 
  • Virginia Equestrian Event East
  • International Stallion Exhibition and Trade Show Lansing, MI 
  • Tennessee Volunteer Horse Fair
  • Carolina Classic Horse Expo
  • Southern Horse Festival
  • AmerEquine Horse Festival
  • Women's Horse Industry Association
  • Southern States field programs
  • Numerous horse clubs
  • Various well know horse trainers
  • Multiple equine businesses with speaking programs


  • Columnist
  • Columnist for The Voice Magazine, TWHBEA

News Media Coverage

  • MSN News
  • People Magazine
  • AOL News
  • Today Show (online)
  • Yahoo News
  • TV News stations and newspapers across the USA
  • Tractor Supply's Out Here Magazine
  • Dressage Today 
  • Horse and Rider
  • Western Horseman
  • United States Pony Club News 
  • EQUUS Magazine
  • The Equine Chronicle
  • The Paint Horse Journal 
  • The Quarter Horse Journal - America's Horse
  • Practical Horseman
  • The Gaited Horse Magazine (On cover Winter addition 2006)  
  • Horse Illustrated Livestock Magazine 
  • Horse Illustrated
  • The Yankee Pedlar
  • Natural Horse Magazine 
  • Hoofbeats Magazine 
  • The Voice
  • ShowLife Magazine
  • The Angelos
  • The Charlotte Observer, Shelby Star, and many newspapers across the country and many more

Author and Writer

  • Horse Theft. Been There--Done That by Debi Metcalfe
  • Has written cover feature articles for Equus Magazine
  • Has written articles for many other magazines and newspapers 

Metcalfe's Educational/Professional Background

  • BS in Education and former teacher and coach
  • Director of special activities in the NC school system 
  • Insurance Agent
  • Public speaker 
  • Writer
  • Author

Awards, Honorable Mentions, Accomplishments for Stolen Horse International

First to:

  • Develop a searchable website for report listings for missing, lost, and found horses where victims receive unprecedented support.
  • develop the NetPosse Alert in 1997, the equine industries lost and found "Amber Alert." 
  • develop an all equine ID record keeping all ID registry, NetPosse Identification Program (NetPosse ID)
  • package and sell microchips directly to the consumer
  • develop a disaster/trail QR tag and database, the Farm ID Tag system
  • develop an equine-specific public BOLO
  • Develop news articles related to theft, missing, lost, stolen equines, and equine ID in one place.
  • Best Use of Social Media in North America by Equine Social Media Award
  • Equine Social Media Award (3rd place) Best Charity
  • Equine Social Media Award (3rd place) Best use of Facebook
  • Developed a searchable horse auction resource on (.com) that includes vets, feedlots, kill pens, and horse traders by state
  • Online support group for victims 
  • Developed a free Beta disaster recovery database, NetPosse Disaster Recovery 

Awards, Honorable Mentions for Metcalfe:

  • National Collegiate Kappa Delta Sorority's Awe-Inspiring Woman over 50
  • Coach of the Year - Mount Olive College (Men's Tennis Team)
  • Serves as a consultant with law enforcement and law firms
  • Expert witness


Speaker's Fee: Contact Debi Metcalfe to learn more about custom clinic and seminar fees. Travels From: Charlotte, NC


Debi Metcalfe with Idaho, the horse that was stolen from her family in 1997.


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