Idaho the horse that started it all with Debi and Harold.

Welcome to The official home of Stolen Horse International.

Never underestimate the power of one. Whether it be one person reporting a stolen or missing horse, or that one person who does the right thing and helps locate a stolen animal. Via our website you can unite with thousands of other passionate people and make a difference.

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Stolen Horse International/ is a program that is very special for the horse industry and made up of great horseman. I will always appreciate and support the well being of horses. is all about that! Thanks for your dedication and passion for the horse and their loving owners!

Lynn Palm - Palm Partnership Training, 7/25/2015

"Debi Metcalfe and Stolen Horse International are filling a great need within the horse world. Their heart for the owners and the horses who need to be found and rescued is not only productive but moving. Stolen Horse is helping people and their horses with no where else to turn. I highly recommend being a active part of this community and keeping your eyes open in your community!"- Christina Schumacher, Exec. Director, High Mountain Horsemanship Outreach

Christina Schumacher, 2/23/2016

I whole-heartedly endorse Stolen Horse International, Inc in their efforts to aid individuals who have been victimized by the theft of their horses or property. The folks at SHI have worked hard to establish an international network that offers these victims real hope. SHI also provides educational opportunities to improve public awareness through seminars, presentations and exhibits and works closely with the law enforcement community to help recover stolen property. I look forward to working with Debi Metcalfe and her staff to find other ways in which Randy Abernathy Horsemanship can help to support this worthwhile organization.

Randy Abernathy -Trainer and Clinician , 7/25/2015

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