5 Pack - NetPosse ID Registry

5 Pack - NetPosse ID Registry


Five Digital licenses for NetPosse ID. Allowing you to submit five animal(s).

Includes FREE Basic Missing/Stolen Repo

Product Description

NetPosse ID is the cornerstone of Stolen Horse International's horse ID registry and most advanced equine identification record-keeping database in the world. It is designed to protect your horse and your equipment with confidence. In other words, this is not just an equine microchip database for your horse!

Horse owners are encouraged to register their horses so that their equine information is on record in the event that their horse is ever missing or stolen.

NetPosse ID is an all-breed, all discipline registry with the sole aim of identifying and recovering horses and equipment should they become lost or stolen.

Equines need to be positively identified for many reasons with a variety of different equine identifications to achieve maximum protection. 

Now with the help of the number one organization behind horse theft, missing horses and ID awareness, Stolen Horse International, aka NetPosse, all horses and equine identifications can be registered, aiding in establishing ownership in cases of theft, mistaken identity, herd identification, and civil matters.

FREE Basic Report Filing

Instructions for adding your horse into NetPosse ID
1. Log into your Account at NetPosse.com 2. Click the My Registry / Reports button 3. Click on Redeem a Credit for drop-down, choose Equine 4. Click Edit to start using your new registry record.


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