12/26/2023 Angela Beck

Since the early 2000s, I have volunteered with Stolen Horse International, Inc., known worldwide as NetPosse. Not only did I spend a decade processing reports, I have utilized the resources I learned from its founder, Debi Metcalfe, and all of the experiences with victims in more than one situation. Volunteering with NetPosse taught me so many valuable lessons about protecting my horses from theft, keeping them from becoming missing, and preparing for natural disasters, among other things. However, I haven’t just been a volunteer. I have also been a victim of tack theft, and I have had my horses missing, and I have had civil situations. While not all had the desired outcome, those that did were because of the NetPosse resources and experiences. The two that stand out the most are discovering the history of a horse I bought at auction and a horse I almost lost in a bad trade. The first I will mention is a long story that I will condense. Upon purchasing a highly trained Arabian gelding that my daughter named Captain at auction, I searched the NetPosse database, as a couple of listings could have been him. I was happy for my family that he didn’t match any. However, I noticed certain traits that had me curious about his history. I discovered a lip tattoo, which means he was once raced. Tracing that with the Arabian Jockey Club gave me a registered name, birth date, birth place, and a place to start tracing his origins. I could only discover part of his history, and after speaking to a former owner, I posted his story on NetPosse.com. That story led to another family finding the horse they once loved but had to sell due to the mother’s health issues. Because of NetPosse, I learned where this beautiful horse came from, and two of his previous owners were happy to have the closure they did not know they needed. Continue reading Angela's testimonial here: https://netposse.com/article.asp?id=2333

8/11/2021 Floyd M

I, much like Debi had a horse stolen around the same time as what got Stolen Horse International Inc started. Fortunately a close friend, Eddie Raper, stopped my theft not long after it happen. I contacted Debi after reading about her adventure in the N&O and we have stayed in touch from that point on. As a result of Stolen Horse International Inc several horse thefts/takings have been stopped and horses and tack recovered. Stolen Horse International Inc has given the horse community a voice and presence. I, as others share postings of horses stolen, "lost" and such resulting in recoveries and people being brought to justice. Without Stolen Horse International Inc some thieves wouldn't think twice about stealing a horse. Loosing a horse IMO is like loosing a family member. Here's some pictures of Dolly BTW. She was used for trail riding, Fox Hunting, playing Polo, and carriage driving. She's buried here on the farm and will be forever in my dreams. She's what I judge other horses by. As everyone that knew her says, "she's was a once in a lifetime horse." Stolen Horse International Inc helps people/horses in trouble keep their dream alive!

8/4/2021 Bella033

Netposse helped me and a horse out tremendously. It’s hard to put in words how much I appreciate what they did for me. The networking and skill set they had to get the job done was impressive. I’ll continue to support this organization for the rest of my days in the horse industry. Thank you.

8/1/2021 Cindy Haley C.

Our beautiful miniature horse, Lily, was taken from our property with little to no clues. I immediately went to social media and everyone encouraged me to use this wonderful site to find my horse; Lily was found a week later; we feel that this site put pressure on the thieves and they brought her back. I highly recommend this site; they do so much leg work for you and Deb Metcalfe even contacted me personally to see how Lily was doing and offered support and encouragement. I will recommend this to anyone that is missing a horse. It works!

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7/25/2021 T Evans

Anytime anyone mentions a horse has been stolen or lost, the first recommendation I give is to contact Netposse.com/Stolen Horse international Inc. This organization truly works hard to recover lost/stolen horses worldwide. As a volunteer I was able to personally get to know and spend quality time with the founders and you could not find anymore dedicated individuals to ensuring a beloved part of a family is returned safe and sound. They are well organized, well informed, extremely knowledgable and totally committed and dedicated to this organization. Any assistance they are able to receive benefits all horse owners worldwide.

7/5/2021 DhCh

From the first contact in report long our stolen Gelding to him being found & returned, Netposse was wonderful. Deb spoke to me on the phone and her concern was comforting and I knew we had found real people that care! Deb and Jennifer communicated with us and posted everything for us as well as the most beautiful video. We felt blessed to have found new friends. The work they do is above and beyond just a place to spread the word of missing/stolen or abused animals. We want to say Thank You and God Bless.

4/9/2021 Hodge Podge Farm

We rescued a horse in 2019 who we recently found out is a fancy breed of warmblood and has a German microchip. We posted about him on a Facebook page to help connect previous owners of horses with them today, and Debi reached out to us to offer help and their vast network to try and piece together his story. It was so kind and we're completely overwhelmed by all the tips and information rolling in. Huck is one lucky boy to have such an amazing group of people behind him helping to tell his story

4/9/2021 Rhadas...Barn10

Late this summer I received an email from the woman I sold a mini donkey to. Contrary to our written sales agreement that the donkey had to be returned to me if she no longer wanted the donkey, she either sold or gave the donkey away. I have a signed contract from both parties stating the donkey couldn't be sold or given away. I was furious to learn she had sold or given the donkey away. The person who I sold the donkey to wouldn't give me any information on the location of the donkey or the new owner's names. Any time you are trying to locate a lost animal it is very trying. Netposse has help me navigate different avenues to try. Even though we haven't located the donkey Debi's efforts have been heroic! Netposse has reached out to the public using their FB page, posting the donkey's information on several FB forums and sending out flyers. Debi keeps me posted on any new developments that arise. The time and effort that Debi at Netposse has expended are remarkable. It's as if she is trying to find one of her lost animals. Even though the donkey hasn't been located, she is still chasing leads.