Someone Shot this Precious Filly! RIP Miranda!

Someone Shot this Precious Filly! RIP Miranda!

08 June 2020


THORNDALE, TX—Today Stolen Horse was tagged in another post where another innocent animal was shot. This time a little filly named Miranda who was innocently standing by her mom in the pen. There is just too much evil in this world today.

The shooting is thought to have occurred between 5 a.m. and noon on June 5th in Thorndale, Texas.

Owner Dawn Shiller Sizemore says in her Facebook post, “Thanks to all the Livestock community, family and friends that have called, text and commented on this injustice! Yes, it was at our place. No, she wasn't on the road. She was in a turnout pen in front of the barn! Pray they are found and stopped!”

We find ourselves wondering if this could have been an accident. In reality, we really do not want to believe that people can be this mean. Yet, they are these days.

When Sizemore was asked if this could be accidental, she replied, “I pray it was accidental but unfortunately it appears that she's not the only one! Confirmation of other cattle and horses being shot in Milam County! Sick people!”

This is a very inhumane cruel and horrific act by someone who has nothing else to do but cause harm and pain. Someone went out of their way to kill this filly, for no reason. No reason whatsoever.

It is almost as if someone declared open hunting season on horses across America. How sad. Has this happened to you or anyone you know?
Stolen Horse International would like to help search for the person or persons that did this to Miranda and her family.

If you saw something, say something. If anyone has any information about the shooting, please contact the Milam County Sheriff’s Office with tips at (254) 697-7033.

Miranda, shot and killed while standing with her Mom.
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