31 horses saved from flooding river by Texas cowboys on Mother's Day 2015

31 horses saved from flooding river by Texas cowboys on Mother's Day 2015

13 May 2015



Are you ready for disaster to strike at your farm?

Bailey (14), Jade (12), and Trace Barrett (8), helped their dad (Will Barrett) by riding hours through harrowing flood conditions searching for 31 lost ponies and horses.

Many people think their horses will never end up missing, lost or stolen. At Stolen Horse International we know better. We have worked with thousands of missing and stolen horse cases over 16 years, most likely more than anyone in the United States.

We know that not only should you expect the worst to happen but you should be prepared for “it” to happen. It does not always happen to the other person.

On Mother’s Day, May 10th, 2015 31 horses and ponies went missing after a flash flood in Eastland, Texas. Cross B Rodeo Company and Boys Ranch started a search of the flooded ranch that lasted for hours.

They located the horses, rounded them up, roped and rescued all from the powerful flood waters. Some of the smaller ponies and horses had been washed down river over the tops of fences.

Flash floods are as common in Texas as tornadoes are in Oklahoma and Kansas.  It helps to be prepared in case someone else finds your horses in a disaster of any kind. What kind of disasters are your horses prone to in your neck of the woods?

Keep in mind that disasters can be Mother Nature made or man-made, such as theft, escapees, civil situations, etc.  Prepare ahead of time by keep up with the weather, protecting your horses and property and by all means by giving your horses a chance to find their way home through equine identification.

Check out the following ways to protect your horses through this selection of helpful articles on our website, www.netposse.com, brought to you by our Stolen Horse International Victim’s Services Program as a public service.

One Minute Disaster Tips - When a disaster strikes it sends victims into a confused sate of frenzy in the aftermath. I speak at public events on many topics but one is the importance of ID and being able to prove ownership at a moment’s notice. http://www.netposse.com/newsviewer.asp?id=482

Personal Disaster Preparedness, Part 1 - You should not even consider working on any plan for dealing with your horse(s) until you get this first part right.  Your family is most important, and if they are made part of the planning preparation process this will make them more resilient and capable if a real emergency occurs.  http://www.netposse.com/newsviewer.asp?id=829

Identify Your Horse before a Disaster Hits Home — Keep in mind that disasters can displace you and your animals for days, weeks, or even permanently. If you have traceable identification on your horses then they are ready to help find their own way home. You can never have too much identification on your horse in the event of a disaster! http://www.netposse.com/newsviewer.asp?id=950

12 Tips to Help Keep Your Horse Safe—This article appeared in The Paint Horse Connection Magazine. We all have patterns in our lives that repeat. You are here when you want to be there, there when you want to be here, traveling for business when you want to be home, home when you need to be traveling, which sometimes cuts into your favorite activity; saddling up your horse and riding. What happens when you finally find time to ride only to open the door to the barn find your horse is not there? http://www.netposse.com/newsviewer.asp?id=422

10 Things to Know Before You Microchip Your Horse—Microchips are a very popular low cost way to permanently ID an animal in the United States. Consider a microchip as your serial number or VIN number for your horse.  The United States is in a transition period in regards to microchipping, moving from the old to the new microchip.  The key is transition, meaning we have not arrived yet and are still working out the kinks. Read this article before you put a chip into any of your animals! http://www.netposse.com/newsviewer.asp?id=1242

Equine ID—They look to us for protection! - Theft, Runaway, Disagreement, Disaster? Horses and owners are separated often. Are you ready to identify your horse when the worst happens? Read about all kinds of equine ID on this NetPosse.com page. http://www.netposse.com/article.asp?id=71

Article by by Debi Metcalfe, Founder of Stolen Horse International, Inc.

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RESOURCE: Texas cowboys save 31 horse from flooding river, By Napels Herald Staff, May 12, 2015,  http://naplesherald.com/2015/05/12/texas-cowboys-save-31-horse-from-flooding-river/

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