Equine Identification

Equine Identification


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Missing, Lost and Stolen Equines Look To Us For Protection.....

Theft, Runaway, Disagreement, Disaster? Horses and owners are separated often. Are you ready to identify your horse before the worst happens? 

Horse Identification Helps!


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If you cannot prove ownership of your horse within minutes of finding your horse it is time for you to identify!

  1. How can others know which horse is yours? 
  2. How can you prove you own your horse? 
  3. Did you know that horse registrations are not proof of ownership in a court of law?
  4. If you had to prove a horse at the sale barn was yours could you?
  5. Without registered identification information on your horse, it is difficult for search volunteers to locate the right horse.
  6. Without registered identification on your horse law enforcement often leaves the horse with the person with possession.

Why do we not learn from the experience of others?

Horse Theft - "I certainly agree that diligence is the best prevention, my point is about life in general, why can we not learn from others’ mistakes and experiences. We read about horse theft, we see it happen to others and still don’t take the precautions needed to help prevent it. How many folks have chipped their horse, had them branded, have current pictures showing any identifying marks etc. We all know this is what we should do but how many actually do it? Many of us fall victim to ourselves long before we are someone else’s victim. This applies not only to horse theft but in many areas of our lives. Just a thought." Werner

Disasters - I saw a web page that listed the horses that were still missing from the California fires. There were so many people trying to help get the horses out and as the fires would go a different direction they were moved several times. Unfortunately, some unseasoned people "helped" to move some and they have never been seen since. My daughter just got one that had been through the fires and was being sold at an auction. A lady bought as many as she could to rescue them and has been trying to find their owners. Since they weren't able to find the owners she is letting them go as rescues. I saw the site a month or so ago and it broke my heart knowing that some people took advantage of the situation. I know there are people out there like that but I always try and find the good in people I guess. You do such a wonderful job with your alerts I was sure it was your site I had seen it. Suzi 

Please visit our store to purchase various different identification methods from Microchips to Freeze Brands.
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All proceeds from the NetPosse Store support the operations of NetPosse, including but not limited to victim's services and educational programs.

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