Equine Microchips

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Theft or Loss

Microchips for horses by  AVID, HomeAgain and Microchip ID are available in the NetPosse Store. Our microchips are US Standard and International  FEI COMPLAINT. Low cost universal scanners for permanent identification are available.   Purchase your NIP Registry, AVID and HomeAgain Registry. 

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CA.Gov Microchip Inplantation

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Law enforcement agencies view microchips as analogous to VIN numbers, making them court-worthy permanent ID. During natural disasters, rescue organizations utilize scanners to locate horse owners. Signs, alerting visitors to microchipped horses on premises, are used as theft deterents and are available from NetPosse. 


NetPosse offers microchips by AVID, HomeAgain and Microchip ID for equines in both US Standard and International frequencies. The microchip number is unique and unalterable. Registered in a national database, the chip identifies the horse…and connects it with the owner. With the AVID chip ‘inside’ there is never any doubt about ownership.    

Disaster Recovery
AVID has supplied universal scanners to national emergency preparedness groups in the US. Trained personnel work directly with law enforcement in charge. Horses are rescued and placed in temporary pens. The AVID® chip provides the fastest means for instant owner contact in the event of disaster.  

Genetics & Internal Management
The microchip is the perfect identifying number for all records, charts and procedures having to do with a patient. Confusion from color or trait similarities is no longer an issue. Genetics and DNA are backed up by the ‘instant ID’ of a microchip. Large numbers of horses penned together can be easily worked, when using a microchip scanner. Great for permanent ID when recording the sale of a horse. 

Horse Registries & Events
Some registries require microchip identification, some recommend it, most include the chip number on registration papers. The chip number can be scanned and documented with blood typing and DNA profiles for positive instant ID. Chip numbers can be correlated with event or performance records as authentication of individual performance history. Microchips are required for CERF certification. 

Government and Regulatory
Microchips meet identification requirements in certain states. AVID microchips provide accurate and positive ID in quarantine, disease contact or exposure situations. The microchip number included on Coggins forms, vaccination records, etc. provide proof of procedure on a specified animal. Microchips are used for permanent ID and tracking in certain government wild horse programs.

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