Freeze Brand

Freeze Brand


Freeze Brand on a grey horse.
Freeze brand where the iron is held on longer so the hair does not grow back.
Freeze brand that grows back in white.
Choosing a brand is the first step in protecting your horses. Select a brand that is unique and easily recognized. A Freeze Brand can be applied by any one - owner, vet, farrier, friend, brander, etc. - and you only need clippers, alcohol, liquid nitrogen and a brass branding iron (you cannot use your grandfather's iron ranch brand as it does not conduct cold the same as a brass brander.)

This is not the same as a Freeze Mark. The Freeze Brand belongs to an individual owner and the same brand is applied to all types of livestock, showing ownership of the farm. A Freeze Mark is unique to the animal it is applied to and can only be done by a licensed technician. More here on Freeze Marks.

The more simple the brand, the less likelihood of its blotching and being unattractive and difficult to read.

What should you consider when picking your brand? 

  • Select a brand as simple as possible. 

  • There are so many two character brands that you may need to consider using three letters.  Check with your state registry to see what has been used already. The older single and two figures brands are often sold with ranches and may need the original owners.  

  • When selecting the characters, avoid "closed" characters since they are more likely to create imperfect results on your horse.  The smaller the closed space, the more chance of a mistake, or blotching. 

  • The letter U is an open character. So is the character "_" or bar, "/" or slash are open characters. 

  • The letters A and B and the number 6 and 8 are examples of closed characters. 

State Regulations

Don't forget to check with your state's brand inspector's office when selecting a brand to make sure your brand is compliant with current brand laws and not a duplicate of another's brand.  Be sure to record your brand in your state's brand inspection office.  Unrecorded brands offer a small amount of protection and add uncertainty, and in some states, it is illegal to mark a horse without registering with the state.

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