What to do after NetPosse posts alerts on Facebook

What to do after NetPosse posts alerts on Facebook


You filed a report on www.netposse.org/.com, and your NetPosse Alert is ready to share. You may be wondering what to do next with the information. 

Please read the information below. Learn how our tools can help you in your search further. Follow the steps below to get the most efficient use of your account to help bring your animal home.

  •  Please, re-share this alert to all the places you have shared before.
  •  Don't forget to ASK people to go to your webpage report included in our NetPose Alert, download, print, post the flyer and hang it up in public places. The flyer is very important. 
  • Sharing on Facebook is excellent but getting people on Facebook to print the flyer and post it in public places is very important too. 
  • You have a jpeg flyer for posting on social media and a pre-formatted PDF flyer for printing. 
  • Change your original posts to include the link to our NetPosse Alert post on our main Facebook page. 

How to change previously posted information

  • Go to the original post that you published.
  • Take out the current pictures, and add the original NetPosse Post link. 
  • Your post will change and look like this one in our alert.
  • The flyer, which is imperative for those not on social media or the internet to see, will also show up in your post. 

We've seen more horses recovered from flyers in public places than from FB. 

And don't forget to go to your webpage and keep it updated in the comments near the bottom. Why? We post to multiple platforms, our mailing lists, and personal contacts. The people who see this information will not be looking for information on Facebook. They will go directly to your webpage on the NetPosse website. 

Don't forget to come back to mark your animal safe after you found and or recovered the animal. 

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