Stolen Horse International Fees And Mission

Stolen Horse International Fees And Mission


Stolen Horse International, also known as NetPosse, would like to give everyone a proper introduction to what we do and what Stolen Horse International has done for over 26 years in the horse industry.

First, our founder is a victim of horse theft. In 1997, a horse thief stole Idaho from the Metcalfe farm. The Metcalfe family found their horse, their thief, and convicted him in court of livestock theft. That one criminal act changed the trajectory of their lives and their family.

The Metcalfe's issued the first stolen horse alert on the internet worldwide. In 1997, most people still wondered what that 'thing' called the internet was about. Debi and Harold were two of them.

That one alert, named the Idaho Alert, after their stolen horse, traveled around the world, and the people who assisted them for over 51 weeks kept them from giving up with their encouragement and endless shares.

Once Idaho was home, the Metcalfes decided to pay it forward because of the kindness shown to them by thousands. It was supposed to be a short-term endeavor.

Over 26 years later, Harold and Debi, and many NetPosse volunteers and supporters, are still helping people with missing, lost, found, stolen, runaways, civil cases, in search of an old friend, etc., and paying it forward.

Several websites later and with over 7,000 cases, Stolen Horse International tries to help everyone. Remember that the nonprofit is an all-volunteer organization; no employees are paid a salary, not even the Metcalfes.

The more people and groups work together, the more we bring horses home, right? Stolen Horse International tremendously appreciates social media groups, especially when wrongdoing is exposed. We all are a part of the bigger picture, trying our best to do what is right and just.

That said, NetPosse has a distractor who loves to tell people we charge for our services, among other untruthful things, implying that it is a bad thing to do. Let us explain further so that you understand why NetPosse charges a small fee for our services.

Stolen Horse International would be wrong to charge a fee if we were only a Facebook entity with no expenses. However, Stolen Horse International is a nonprofit organization that differs from a Facebook group or page regarding costs.

Comparing a social media page to a business is like comparing an apple to an acorn. Both are significant entities, but one has expenses, whereas the other does not.

Our tools, website, and programs NetPosse uses to do what we do are not free. We must raise yearly expenses for the victim's services, educational outreach programs, and bills associated with any business.

The small fee of $25 goes back 100% to the nonprofit to help us be here for the next victim. We are proud to have programs as successful as ours, not to mention the expertise we've earned from the horse industry.

Stolen Horse International requires everyone who wants to be part of our NetPosse Alert network to file a report on our website. The reporting process helps with documentation, entries in several searchable databases, contact info, and more.

We do not share information 'willy nilly' on the internet. We do our best to verify information, but people often need to be more truthful to law enforcement, the court system, and NetPosse.

Every report also has a flag in case someone disagrees with a NetPosse report. We do want to hear from all sides.

Facebook is one of our many valuable and specific tools for victims and horse owners. The people like you, who support our mission to help victims and bring horses home, mean everything to Stolen Horse International and our NetPosse volunteers.

We cannot do what we do without your support, and we thank you tremendously.

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What do I get with the basic report?

We are so happy that we can provide a service that no one else in the world offers via a nonprofit organization or even a social media platform. The fundamental report has many advantages. When you finish your report the following services are available, to name a few:

  • a webpage that is indexed in Google and other search engines
  • pictures on your NetPosse webpage
  • description of your incident
  • a flyer made by our website
  • a listing that can be updated by you at any time just by logging into your account and your report
  • NetPosse Alerts on our social media platforms
  • NetPosse Alerts to our mailing list
  • contacts made by our reports team to specific people, groups, and organizations on your behalf
  • a link to share your webpage and information to your emails, social media platforms, and more
  • the comment section at the bottom of your report listing webpage so you can update tips, progress, etc., to your report easily
  • limited consultation with experts in this field
  • volunteers and supporters that share NetPosse Alerts
  • more NetPosse Alerts sent out upon request
  • other articles on linked to your report when necessary
  • and a listing on our website for as long as your horse is missing as long as our program exists

Stolen Horse International, Inc., aka NetPosse, specializes in searching for missing, lost, and stolen equines, recovery assistance, horse identification, and theft education in the United States. As the leader in the horse industry since 1998,, a pioneer that has brought theft awareness into the public light, invites you to protect yourself and your horse further.
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Stolen Horse International provides news and other resources for free on this website. As a charitable organization we survive on the kindness of people like you. Please consider donating to help fund the organization or purchasing a NetPosse ID for your horse, dog or cat to help protect your beloved animals!
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