Report Types and How to File a Report

Report Types and How to File a Report


How do I file a report?

  1. Go to
  2. Register for an account.
  3. Login to your account.
  4. Click on FILE REPORT.
  5. Check the kind of report you are filing.
  6. Follow the prompts to fill in the information.
  7. Do not forget to upload images.

What information do I need to file a report?

Be prepared to provide detailed information about your animal and case. We will need your name, phone, pet’s name, age, breed, color, the location last seen, photos and any other relevant details. If you are filing a tack or equipment report similar data will be required.

If you file a stolen horse report, which is a criminal report, the law enforcement case number information is required. It is not required for non-criminal cases such as missing, searching for or lost and found. Do not include names of people or places that could be considered slander. If this happens the names will be removed by our staff.

Your report once paid in full, is automatically added to our website. A flyer is automatically generated by our website based on the information you input. All of this information will be displayed on our website.

When NetPosse Alerts are warranted, our staff has the right to change the content of your report or the status of a report filed. We also have the right to remove a report when our guidelines are not followed correctly. The site is set up for one animal for one report. Do not put multiple animals on one report. For custom cases please contact us for more information if you have questions.

Our easy to remember the name and recognizable logo/flyer are invaluable because is well established and has an outstanding reputation. Our missing horse and equipment database makes it easy for someone to find and contact you right away. We request that you use our flyer when posting in public places and on social media. We do not use outside personal flyers.

What kind of reports can I file?

While we cannot guarantee results, provides critical tools in the search for your equine, livestock, pets, tack, and equipment that cannot be found anywhere else for such a minimal fee. Victims may also have the benefit of more than 23 years of experience in the equine industry and theft situations through this dedicated volunteer organization and its extensive network of individuals, equine professionals, law enforcement agencies, and others who can aide in the recovery of your property. 

I Am The Owner has three categories: Missing, Stolen, and Cruelty.
Not the Owner/Found Report has three categories: Found, Searching and Cruelty.
Filing for A Friend: In some cases friends often want to file for a friend. However, for legal purposes we recommend that only the owner or legal guardian of the animal, or item in question file a report. We reserve the right to change the report or content of the report that has not been filed by the owner. 

You may file the following types of reports on our website for animals, equipment and cruelty as an owner, friend or finder.

  • You will receive one NetPosse ID Registry with most reports filed. 
  • Stolen Equine (Criminal Theft)—This case must be associated with an active or inactive criminal case with law enforcement. This is not for lost, found, missing, civil or searching for report. Include law enforcement contact info and case number in your description.
  • Missing Equine (Lost / Escape)—Runaway animals or animals where you have no idea how they are missing and have not been filed with an open criminal case number.  
  • Missing Equine (Civil Case)—You can also file a civil case under missing equine. These are cases that are not criminal, often where there is some kind of civil dispute. You are responsible for the details. We request that you leave names and identifying places such as a farm name out of these reports.
  • Searching for Equine—This report is not a criminal stolen animal report and is not to be used for a criminal theft. It is used to find information/location on a horse or pet that you once knew or owned. You file this type of in the missing or searching sections on the website.  
  • Searching for History—This report will be filed under the searching for equine in the Not the Owner/Found Report category and is used for people how have bought a horse and are looking for past history of the horse. Make sure you state in the report description that you are looking for past history, owners, etc.
  • Cruelty—This report is used for shooting, stabbing or abusive acts on an animal.
  • Found—This is a free report where the finder can post an animal they have found to help search for an owner.
  • Stolen Tack / Equipment—You can list stolen trailers, tractors, saddles, etc., in this report. Please provide law enforcement contact information and criminal case number in your description.
Report Options
  • Custom video
  • Deluxe flyer
  • Press Release
  • Text Alert
  • Spotlight a report 
  • Reward
  • Picture enhancement pack
  • Pay it forward

Do I have to pay for the report?

Yes, all reports other than the found report have a small one-time fee. Additional report options are available. We require you to file ONE report PER animal or item that is missing/stolen etc. For search engine purposes and to be fair to everyone we may disable reports that violate this rule or we may charge additional fees.

How do I get back to my report?

If you have to leave your computer, or close a reporting window down you can return to it at a later date by logging into your account and clicking on My Registry/Reports. You will find all of your filed reports here. Click on any report to resume editing.