HORSE ATTACK - Stormy, killed during barn theft in Iowa

HORSE ATTACK - Stormy, killed during barn theft in Iowa

09 September 2020


ANKENY, IOWA -- "Remember when I said 2020 couldn't get any worse? Early this morning some scumbag(s) broke into my barn, stole some equipment, and my 4-wheeler and KILLED my 20 yr old Quarter horse/paint gelding," said Julie King, the owner of Stormy in a recent post on her Facebook page

"I am heartbroken that some crackhead felt it necessary to take the beautiful horse's life."

King made a post on her Facebook page Tuesday after she found her beloved horse Stormy deceased on September 8, 2020.

According to King, Stormy was loved by all and was a frequent neighborhood stop for children and adults alike. 

Justin Rogers says on a comment, "We live just up the road and Jameson would always look for the horse when we drove by!"

"He was Leisel's best friend and loved to have anyone scratch his ears. Leisel and I are filled with grief and have spent the day in tears."

King is offering a $5000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the people who attacked and killed Stormy

"My stuff can be replaced but my Stormy was one of a kind."

When asked by a friend on her Facebook page, "Why, just why would anyone do this?", King replied, "I have not a clued. The whole world has gone effing nuts!"

A local friend, Jo Pietig says the following, "Stormy..... thank you for 20 years of letting me walk over and love on you. Coming to see you were my/our dog's favorite thing to do. We always bought a large bag of carrots so we could bring you one every time. Praying the person(s) who took your life spend theirs behind bars. I’ll see you again someday over the rainbow bridge.  My thoughts and prayers for the King family."

When asked by Metcalfe, "What do you have to say to people who think this could not happen to them, King replied.

"I felt that exact same way. I live outside of a larger city but I'm surrounded by my own wooded land so I felt isolated and safe from crimes like this.....I was so very one is immune to this and if you think you are, you're deluding yourself as I did."

Legally, you cannot murder a horse because the crime is considered animal cruelty. Byt by every other sense of the definition, the story of Stormy's death is a murder mystery that we need your help to solve. 

If you have any information please contact Julie King via Facebook or the Polk County Sheriff's Office at 515-323-5473. 

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