HORSE ATTACK - Horse Shot in Marion, MT. Owner Searches for Answers

HORSE ATTACK - Horse Shot in Marion, MT. Owner Searches for Answers

30 October 2019


MARION, MT (October 30th, 2019)-A, a talented 20-year-old buckskin mare was shot and killed in her pasture Saturday. Her owner, Kristina Gregerson, discovered Diva, still alive, lying down on the ground with a bullet wound that had pierced her lungs. She knew her mare would not survive.

Kristina was 14 years old when she purchased Diva as a foal. She raised and trained her to become a barrel racing mare and the two traveled thousands of miles across the country together, winning championships and state titles. In 2007 Kristina was crowned Rodeo Queen riding Diva.

Diva was that one special horse that you get once, maybe twice in a lifetime if you are lucky, and Kristina wants answers as to who did this to her mare. She may already have a clue.

While she was tending to Diva, a grey pickup truck stopped by her home and watched her with Diva. The truck drove away but then returned a short time later, driving slowly by with the people inside the cab staring at them.

Kristina described the truck as a 10-year-old grey Nissan or Toyota pickup truck with an extended cab and a diamond plate toolbox in the back. Anyone with information is urged to call the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office.

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Diva, a 20-year-old Buckskin mare was shot and killed
in her pasture.




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