Foxy Chrome Is Home After Missing For Two Months

Foxy Chrome Is Home After Missing For Two Months



Foxy Chrome Pistol has been reunited with her family. The owner emailed us she has been recovered. 

Foxy Chrome was gone for 2 months. The owner received a call on August 2nd saying Foxy was found.  Here is her account of how she thinks the events around Foxy's disappearance may have happened.  The owner is convinced someone had her.

Foxy was found in a pen in the back of a neighbors pasture. The neighbor has cows and doesn't let them over there because the fence is down. Someone walked Foxy Chrome in there and put her there. The area was overgrown with vegetation and the neighbor was brush hogging and happened to see her. He knew it was Foxy Chrome from seeing her flyers.

When the owner got there she was clean. She was brushed, her mane and tail were brushed. No dreadlocks, no burrs, no ticks on her. No cuts or scrapes. There was no way she was out in the woods for two months?

The owner strongly believes that all of the flyers (owner posted flyers at sale barns, entrance to rodeos as well as inside the rodeos) and banner they had made (which was put up on the highway near owners house and was taken down 3 days later by someone.

The sheriff and several other people thought it was someone local that owner knew and was targeting Foxy Chrome and didn't want her to be found) got the thief scared so they brought her back.

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Foxy Chrome Pistol is home!



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