Leo, Holsteiner lost in Bear Brook State Park in NH

Leo, Holsteiner lost in Bear Brook State Park in NH

12 September 2020


A fully tacked horse has been spotted loose in Bearbrook State Park in Allenstown, New Hampshire.  Leo, the horse was separated from his owner, Fred Klein McNeil, on Sunday, September 6th, around 3:30 in the afternoon.

Leo is a  24-year old Hanoverian, has fully tacked (English), and was last seen off Sentinel Pine Trail.  Volunteers have been searching for the horse. A possible lead was found off the trail near Hayes Marsh.  If you are a trail-rider, hiker, or biker in the area please keep this information handy and report any sitings.

Stolen Horse International talked to McNeil and he said, "Never in a million years would I have imagined this and the situation just doesn’t make sense. It is like he vaporized into thin air - no trace. Gone!"

Stolen Horse International-NetPosse.com volunteers want to make anyone in the area aware of this lost horse so that he can be reunited with his owners. Call Fred Klein-McNeil 971-322-6801 if you see Leo or would like to join the search party. 

Below is more information from Leo’s Facebook page.

We got some great images of horse tracks going down to get water in the Catamount creek/hill area - SO THANK YOU! He loves fresh clean water and he has access to this. He seems to go slightly off-trail to the water sources. However, he seems to be using trails to clip along at a nice pace.

Drone operators - if you can fly over the marshes to check the shores and edges that haven't been done in a few days - only checked by bushwhackers (since our last drone update). Also drone operators - if you can check any isolated green spaces along Lane, Lower Bear Brook, and One Mile that would be very helpful. He could be in an isolated spot and they are NICE and he could be in there for hours.

If you come up and would like to donate an old broken lunge line we would happily take 3-4 old lines, if you have them to donate. Nothing new and nothing that you can't afford to have lost or damaged. If you just leave them at the horse trailer by the hay and red water bucket, I can pick them up. If not no big deal, if there are a handful of lines there already we just need a few (3-4). Some folks already know about this so there may be no need but it's just an item we need. I already have two.

One other great idea - if you do not want to kick the manure off the trails, one person mentioned you could dust them with flour. That might last a good 24 hours if there is no rain and it will not add any pollution to the park - a great idea! Or... feel free to kick all the horse shit you want - that is fun too!

As for tomorrow, I will be up early in the morning to do a few things. I will likely only stay for a few hours.

Our Ask:
1.  We are asking for small groups to be on the lookout for a sighting w/ any details about location and his condition/appearance, we don't want to encourage anyone to catch the horse (Leo) unless he is just willing to walk with you on his own. Which he may very well do.

2.  If you are riding a horse can you check other areas of the park and stay out of the NW region of the park with a horse. We are trying to see if he is running a track in there. Many people spent time clearing manure today. If there is a bunch of new manure we will have no idea.

I went down with my mare "Leo's girlfriend" she happens to be in season and peed right in the area where we think he is running and where he might be going to get water. She also has left some manure down there. We want to try and keep him in that area if it is him that is going down to these water spots. And if your wondering he is a gelding, not a stallion. We do have stallions at home but I don't want that message getting mixed up here in this situation - but in case you were curious...

Interestingly enough, all this would make sense for where we lost him and where I have been doing my nightly walks.

Volunteers are making their plans and reporting their findings. We truly appreciate all the help and support. The people in the field have made tremendous efforts to get him back and people are going out in the dark and early in the morning - we are blown away and so thankful.

As you can imagine... My phone is EXPLODING and we both have to do our full-time jobs on top of this - we are in healthcare. My phone will barely keep a charge for an hour with all the incoming data. Please do not disparage our efforts, get mad at me, or continually harass me for not responding. We are dealing with enough as it is and despite all the goodness, there have been some nasty messages sent to me.

Tonight we met a few ladies coming in on horseback, who were a sight to behold! Coming in out of the dark and hopeful! Truly an inspiration - I hope those two we chatted with briefly, see this post.

Another few couples ventured out on foot to listen for movement and look for Leo with a thermal camera - unreal and thank you!

So for tomorrow - all we ask is for you to hike, walk, bike or ride (horses not in the NW section) enjoy the day, and let me know if you get something good. We have a plan thru the weekend and this is our only task right now.

Sincerely, Fred

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