Missing horse found months later on Co mountain

Missing horse found months later on Co mountain


HAPPY DANCE TIME! - PORTER HAS BEEN FOUND AND IS ON THE WAY HOME!!!! - Our founder, Debi Metcalfe,  received a text from Suzanne Flachier that said, "We just found Porter!"

There are no sweeter words than "we just found our horse" for the victims and volunteers who are searching for a missing, lost, or stolen equine. In this case, it was even more meaningful since Porter had been missing for three months and 15 days in the Colorado wilderness. 

When Debi Metcalfe asked how, Suzane said, "He was spotted on a trail camera this morning. Porter is a little thin and a little sore but seems fine. He gave a big sigh when he saw me. He is in a trailer headed home right now. I am following the trailer."

Suzanne said they had flyers up on every trailhead all summer. A rescue group that helps find lost pets have helped to keep the flyers up. Those of us at NetPosse want to thank them personally for being so good to do this. 

Porter has been missing from FRISCO, CO, since June 8th, 2021 in a national forest after he ran away on a trail. After missing for seven weeks, Porter was spotted at campsite #8 by someone who had seen the NetPosse flyer and called the office to report the information. But, he had moved on and was nowhere to be found. It was both encouraging and bittersweet news.

When asked how she felt right at this moment, Suzanne said, "So grateful! And so grateful for everyone's support and prayers. Honestly, it is still so surreal because I started preparing myself for never seeing him again."

You can see Porter's original NetPosse report here: https://netposse.com/tag.asp?id=4366 

Never ever, give up hope! Porter is home!

More info will be coming after Porter and Suzanne are home.
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Happy dance time! Porter has been recovered after 3 months 15 days in the Colorado wilderness. 




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