Do you know this Paint horse found in Oregon?

Do you know this Paint horse found in Oregon?

17 December 2013

MT HOOD OREGON  December 15, 2013 - A Paint horse found in the Oregon wilderness is now safe FoundHorseOR13StNick.JPGand has been named St. Nick in honor of the holiday season.

Many questions remain to be answered. It is assumed that he was dropped off in the wilderness. However, here at Stolen Horse International we know that horses can travel great distances from where they are lost, agencies we trust to help us find our lost horses often have communication problems and sometimes, stolen horses are left on the side of the road.

What is the true story behind St Nick’s appearance in the snowy woods of Oregon? Do you know this horse? I have to admit, something about him sure looked familiar to me. Maybe it will you too.

Can you help us solve this mystery? Do you know anyone who has lost a brown and white (Chestnut and White/Sorrel and White) Paint horse anywhere in the world? If so, make sure they see this article. A missing or stolen horse can be thousands of miles away from their home within a week if there is foulplay involved. Sometimes even good Samaritans can unknowingly help a horse travel far away from their home with good intentions.



Facts about St Nick

  • An Oregon DOT saw St Nick digging for food in the snow FoundHorseOR13StNick2.JPGbeside Highway 26 in Mt Hood.
  • Deputies were called but were unable to catch the scared horse.
  • Sound Equine Rescue (God Bless you) were able to catch the horse and take him to safety.
  • St Nick appears to be around 5 years old and possibly not broken yet.
  • It is believed that he has a scar from an ingrown halter.

Anyone who recognizes St Nick, please contact the Wasco County Sheriff in Oregon or Stolen Horse International.

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RESOURCE:  Horse Talk, Read more:, The mystery of St Nick, rescued from the snowy Oregon wilderness

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