Stolen Horse International Seeks Auction Donations to Help Victims

Stolen Horse International Seeks Auction Donations to Help Victims

22 November 2011


Contact: Debi Metcalfe or Angela Kirby
PO Box, 1341, Shelby, NC 28151
Stolen Horse International Seeks Auction Donations to Help Victims
Like most of the horse owners in the United States, Nate Priefert, Executive Vice President of Priefert Manufacturing Company, never thought “it” could happen to him. "It" being horse theft. In fact, many people do not even realize theft still exists, but it does. And, like many victims across the nation, Nate turned to Stolen Horse International, aka for help.

A year after Chief was stolen, NetPosse became immersed in another devastating case of horse theft when five rodeo horses were stolen from the stables at Southern Arkansas University. One of the victims, Ty Lester, spoke to Angela Kirby, NetPosse Executive Coordinator, and stated he had been at the Chuck Wagon Races a year earlier when Chief had disappeared. He, too, never thought it would happen to him. Yet, it did. How many other horse owners think it cannot happen to them?

How do we keep helping the many victims like Nate, Ty, and the other college students? We do so with a little help from our friends. And, friend, more than ever we need you now.

With your help, NetPosse can continue its services to horse owners and to do even more to assist victims. In one week, two horses were recovered as a direct result of the work done by NetPosse and its extensive volunteer network. Within hours of a alert being issued, Drover in Wyoming, presumed stolen, suddenly reappeared after he'd been gone for two days. Mia, another horse that disappeared at the hands of a trainer in 2009, was recovered six months after being listed on this past May.

While Chief has yet to be found, four of the five stolen Arkansas Rodeo horses have been recovered. NetPosse and its volunteers will continue to search for Chief and the final missing rodeo horse, Credit Card. But this is where you can do your part.

First, I apologize for asking for your help so late, but I have been swamped with missing horses, seminars, and lots of travel. Did you know that since the middle of October I have been to VA, CT, OH, MA and TN to events, expos and meetings for NetPosse, taking most of a month and putting close to 4,000 miles on my van? I have been so busy traveling and talking for NetPosse that I am short on our much needed items.

Wearing so many hats is exhausting! I love what I do but one volunteer can't do it all and I need your help. Please, if you have anything you can donate to this years annual eBay fundraising auction, do.

I know some of you have products or services you want people to see, or things laying around that you don't want. All of this can be turned into much needed funds for NetPosse.

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year! The sad truth is that without funds we will not be here to help victims or provide our educational programs.

Now, the good news is that with the help of a great web developer and several volunteer testers, NetPosse was able to launch a new Web site this year! The filing process is now much quicker and more automated, but even better, we have a new online auction form for donations.

So back to the matter at hand ... once again it is time for our annual fundraising auction and we need items to auction! We need help from friends of NetPosse! This is our biggest fundraiser and it sets the pace for the work that we do for the year 2012.

You already know that Stolen Horse International, aka, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, brings forth educational programs like no other organization in the horse industry. You already know that our victim's service programs have helped change the lives of missing horse victims around the world. We may be small but the need for our services grows more and more each year, which keeps me busier than I've ever been. Because I have been so busy I am way short of items for this year's auction which starts the middle of November.

I am asking all of the people who are reading this to find it in their hearts to donate a product, a gift certificate or a service to this year's auction. We seriously need your help For more information about this event, auctions or to access an auction donation form, visit online at:  Or, if you already know you want to donate go directly to our online auction form here: (if you do not have a NetPosse account, you will be asked to register first)

This is an excellent opportunity for you to not only help us to continue to help our victims but also a way to introduce your business to a new audience. Last year we raised over $6500, sent out over 15,000 email notices through our newsletter and Internet networks and the auction was viewed by thousands! This year the number of exposures to your product/business may even be higher as we are adding our social networks to our auction promotions as well!

We need all kinds of equine-related gifts, artwork, leatherwork photographs, horse products, (we really need a saddle) books and DVDs. Our wish is great but a few examples follow: TRAINERS: clothing, DVD's, tack/equipment, clinic tickets or participation slots. ARTIST: Paintings, sculptures, pottery JEWELERS: Any type of jewelry MISC: Any type of tack or equipment. We will take just about anything!

Already we have been getting emails from past bidders asking when our auction will begin. Our first auction items will go up on the auction block this coming week of Thanksgiving with the auction ending around the first of December. The auction is held online using eBay's nonprofit Misson Fish program.

Help us to make a difference in the lives of countless victims each year. I hope I can count on you to send the most generous gift you can, as soon as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call at 704-484-2165 or my cell at 704-472-4314. 

Again, I deeply appreciate your support. Please email me at right away and I will get back with you immediately with more details.
With high hopes, 
Debi Metcalfe - President
Stolen Horse International, Inc
Stolen Horse International provides news and other resources for free on this website. As a charitable organization we survive on the kindness of people like you. Please consider donating to help fund the organization or purchasing a NetPosse ID for your horse, dog or cat to help protect your beloved animals!
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