NetPosse in Review

NetPosse in Review

We are the only nonprofit organization helping victims and offering educational programs. We depend entirely on fundraisers like this one, donations and the sale of identification and security products for much needed funding.

Please go to check out our site, purpose and the good work that we do. Our NetPosse Volunteer Network, similar to the Amber Alert, was started in 1997 and involves thousands. There may be as many as 40,000 horses stolen each year with many more missing through civil theft and disasters.

Our website is also viewed by an astounding number of people every day which has generated more than a million hits per month. Out of the many horses reported as stolen or missing, the recovery rate is approximately 42 percent! Tack and trailers, can also be reported to NetPosse.

While there are many success stories, as long as horses remain missing and horse theft still exists, this organization must grow and reach out to unsuspecting owners. This is where we need your help.

Expanding our presence in the horse industry is essential to helping the thousands whose horses become missing or stolen each year as well as the continued success of our educational programs. Stolen Horse International provides services to horse owners like no one else in the world. Today you can help us make a difference.

If you ask someone whose horse has been stolen or become missing how NetPosse has supported and aided them in the process of searching and/or recovery, you will discover overwhelming praise and gratitude. If you ask someone to put a price on these services, I bet they can’t.

Contact us with questions at or call 704-484-2165.

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Candy was recovered because of a flyer. Without this reunion would not have happen.
What does Stolen Horse International Do?
Each year Stolen Horse International, aka, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, continues to bring forth education in the horse industry.

Through our programs concerning horse theft, disaster planning, and horse identification, just to name a few, we have seen many horse owners benefit.

Through our victims service programs we have helped change the lives of missing horse victims, often assisting in bringing their horses home.

What does Stolen Horse International Do for Victims? services include, but are not limited to:
  • long distance calls to contact law enforcement or follow up on leads;
  • the creation, printing and distribution of flyers;
  • indefinite hosting of victim’s information on its website
  • continuous updates to flyers and/or website information.
But in order to keep these services available, must find new and permanent ways to fund its operations.
Stolen Horse International provides news and other resources for free on this website. As a charitable organization we survive on the kindness of people like you. Please consider donating to help fund the organization or purchasing a NetPosse ID for your horse, dog or cat to help protect your beloved animals!
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