Lost and Found Horse - A little luck and the right timing brings horse home

Lost and Found Horse - A little luck and the right timing brings horse home

08 July 2017

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Vegas the wandering horse temporarily was tied to a tree by Midgett.
(Photo: Courtesy/Matthew Midgett)

Photographer and horse enthusiast Matthew Midgett experienced an unusual encounter on a weekend ride recently. He thougth he spotted something in the woods. He was surprised to find out that it was a horse with  a saddle. There was no rider in sight.

He couldn't leave the horse there so after a little negotiating with the scared animal he caught him and took him back to his trailer. 

There was no one around the campground and there was no cell service. He could not just leave the horse so he loaded it on his trailer.

Timing is everything. After a few minutes on the road he saw a man and a woman in a truck and flagged them down. He asked if they knew anything about a lost horse.

Short story, they did. It was not long before the horse was on the way home. 

Sometimes you can search and search for days, weeks, months or years and a recovery comes down to a lot of preperation and luck. Luck happens when the dots finally connect.

We've helped victims conttect the dots for almost 20 years. When the universe aligns and a horse is found, it's a miracle. This is why we never give up hope or a search for a horse here at Stolen Horse International, Inc.™.

We thank you for helping us and hope to continue bringing horses home™. We beieve in miracles.  Do you?

Read the full story about this horse. CLICK HERE.

RESOURCE: Ruidoso News, June 30, 2017, http://www.ruidosonews.com/story/news/local/2017/06/30/lost-and-found-horse/444652001/

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