Stolen Horse International, aka Report Filing Instructions

Stolen Horse International, aka Report Filing Instructions

23 January 2015


Here is quick info on filing and updating stolen/missing/astray/searching reports and a few quick tips and why you should file a report with us.

First, go to our website, Stolen Horse International, This is the hub of our business. Everything starts here and often finishes here.





Filing a report:

    1. Always contact your local Law Enforcement agency first.
    2. Make an account at 
    3. Go to "My Account" (link is at the top right) and upload all your equine info in the "My Equine" section (buttons are on the right, including areas that you can upload other info such as tack, trailers, etc… for those kind of reports).
    4. Now click on the button that says "My Reports", click the "Add Report" button and choose the type of report you need to make.
    5. Once the report is approved it will be live. If you make any changes to a live report it will have to be approved again before the link is live again.
    6. If you are offering a reward make sure you understand the terms (provided on the site, which you have to agree to before your report is approved) and make sure you can pay that reward in full if the terms are met.
    7. If you are updating your email, phone number, etc...
      • Make sure you update all reports
      • AND update your NetPosse account.
      • Unfortunately at this time, updating one thing does not update all things, all have to be done separately, we are looking into working on this to make it simpler.
    8. On social media websites:
      • If you have anything set up online to help you in your search, such as Facebook pages or groups, make sure to add your report link in the "about" or "info" sections and use it on all your posts about your missing/stolen horses or items.
      • If you have photos up anywhere to help you in your search, make sure you add your report link to the photos information.
      • Keep in mind that adding the link in the comments to the photo will not allow the link to go with any shares made.
      • The link must be in the photos description for it to go with the shares of the photo.
      • If you make a post about your stolen/missing animal make sure you include the link to your report in the original post:
        • So that the links info shows up
        • And the link can be shared by others.

Why file with us?

Some of the answers as to why you should file a report with Stolen Horse International aka NetPosse and not just post to social media websites or with other non-established companies or people who might only have a simple thing like a FB page:

    • We have been established since 1998 and are not just a Facebook page, group, or other social media site.
    • We are an actual organization of dedicated volunteers who have been doing this for quite a while.
    • We are a 501c3 non-profit run by all volunteers with an unwavering goal to help you keep your horses, tack, trailers, etc... safe through education, products, and tools, such as but not limited to:
      • microchips, farm signs,
      • a searchable data base driven website, reports, flyers, custom fliers
    • an alert system that goes out to thousands upon thousands via our email list and numerous social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc...


The majority of our core volunteers have been through what you are going through, so we completely and compassionately understand and want to help you.

"Searching" for past horses you've owned.We offer reports to be filed for a lot more than just Stolen and Missing equine. We also offer these other types of reports:

  • "Lost" horses due to natural disasters.
  • Listings for horses found as "Strays"
  • Stolen tack and trailers report listings.
  • Stolen farm equipment report listings.
  • Report listings for other Stolen and Missing farm and ranch animals such as cattle, dogs, etc...

We also offer other theft preventative information, ideas, and tools such as, ID kits, scanners, freeze brands, QR code tags, NIP (NetPosse Identification Program), and also put on and are available for education and microchip/freeze brand clinics.

searchNetPossereports.JPGWe make things simple and easy, for not only you, but for the people helping to search with you and those who are searching our website.

ALL of your information needed for your search is in your report on your very own dedicated page on our website! All you, or anybody else has to do, is share the link to your report and/or print and post your flyer.

We also give multiple convenient search criteria (anybody can search the listings by state, bred, color, gender, etc...) for those searching our website to match up a horse they think they might have recognized.

That's a heck of a lot easier than fumbling through multiple different Facebook pages, groups, and other social media sites for a post they thought they once upon a time ran across, don’t you think?

We sure do!

Stolen Horse International provides news and other resources for free on this website. As a charitable organization we survive on the kindness of people like you. Please consider donating to help fund the organization or purchasing a NetPosse ID for your horse, dog or cat to help protect your beloved animals!
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