AOL NEWS: Woman Reunited With Horse Stolen 10 Years Ago

Posted at Friday, August 17, 2012 in Article

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By Kelli BenderAug 15th 2012  - Patience has paid off for one dedicated horse lover. According to the "Today" show, Michelle Pool of Eureka Springs, Ark. was finally reunited with her horse, Opie, 10 years after the animal was stolen. 10 years ago, Pool discovered a gaping hole clipped through one of the fences in her father's pasture. Her horse, who had been inside, was gone. It was obvious to Pool that someone had sneaked onto the property during the night and stolen Opie, who was only staying at the farm while Pool went through back surgery.

Skeptical of the story, the potential buyer decide to search the horse's past online, and found the report that Pool had filed on Stolen Horse International. With her daughter's encouragement, the woman called Stolen Horse International and told them about Opie's current situation. Eager to right the wrong, Metcalfe worked with authorities to get in touch with Pool, and had Opie seized and returned to her in 48 hours.



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Related to Report: NR001687

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