Western Radio Show Episode 59 - The Modern Posse

Western Radio Show Episode 59 - The Modern Posse

27 June 2011

Western Radio Show Episode 59 - Show Notes and Links: Click here to go to the show.

Debi Metcalfe is the founder of Stolen Horse International, aka NetPosse.com the nonprofit organization that assists victims with missing, lost, and stolen equines.  Metcalfe is widely recognized as an idea and innovation guru when it comes to horse protection, farm security, and identification. She has been a driving force behind the success of finding many of the world’s missing horses, learn how to protect yours. 

•Hosts: Alan Moorhead and Tammy Sronce
•Photo Credit: Debi Metcalfe and her recovered horse Idaho

•Guest: Debi Metcalfe of NetPosse.com.

Debi's interview starts at: -52:40


COMMENTS: I finished listening to the show with Debi Metcalfe. It was great! Thank you, Debi, for everything you do to keep horses and humans together. I’d also like to thank Alan and Tammy for having Debi on their show. We need to get the word out there about Debi’s website netposse.com Debi is also extremely helpful if people have questions regarding any of the products and services offered on her website. I’ve emailed Debi several questions and she’s always very prompt with her replies. Her knowledge was learned the hard difficult way and I can’t thank her and her organization enough for sharing that knowledge. I pray I never need to call her and have her put my horse on her list but knowing she’s there if I need her is a great relief. Debi has also written a very resourceful book called “Horse Theft; Been there, done that” that I highly recommend. Debi has dedicated her life to helping others in an attempt to educate everyone and bring awareness to a serious problem in the world…..horse theft. I know you’re probably thinking, “Oh, that could never happen to me”….well, let’s hope that’s true, however, if you don’t have the proper I.D.. on your horse and cannot prove in a court of law that the horse is yours, you won’t get him/her back. Please, let’s thank Debi for all her hard work and learn from her knowledge before it’s too late. Keep up the AWESOME work you do Debi (and all your volunteers too). Without you and your website, we and our horses, wouldn’t stand a chance. May God continue to bless you with knowledge and wisdom. - Cheryl Lambert


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