Missing horse found - "Buddy" comes home

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SHELBY, NC Monday, Aug 2 2010, 8:13 am -- First Sammie, now Buddy.

More than 30 years separate their ages, but Buddy and Sammie share at least three commonalities: both horses, both lost, both found. Sammie's publicized return last week made front-page headlines in The Star, but it just days later that Buddy, a Chestnut Quarter horse, also went missing.

He was returned Sunday to his owner, Gena Burleson, of Ellenboro, thanks to the same operation who helped Sammie -- Shelby's own Stolen Horse International.

Buddy back home

It was sometime Wednesday when Buddy left his stomping grounds off U.S. 74 Business. Burleson said a storm might have scared the stallion from his pen.

"My mom went up to feed him a treat the next morning," Burleson said. "He was gone."

The owners began to search on their own, but the trail turned cold. But then information was sent to Debi Metcalfe, of Stolen Horse International.

"She began making fliers," Burleson said. That information let everyone know who Buddy was -- age, size, locations, the works.

The very next day, a woman called in reference to what she'd heard about a missing horse.

It was Buddy. Burleson and family had a reunion of sorts Sunday after the horse was dropped off safe and sound.

"This is what we do," Metcalfe said. "You never know who's going to hear what, see what."

And that's exactly why Metcalfe says for the public to report information.

"We really need the community to get involved."

Reach reporter David Allen at 704-669-3329


RESOURCE: The Shelby Star, David Allen, http://www.shelbystar.com/news/buddy-48618-horse-burleson.html

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Related to Report: NR000084

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