Missing horse found dead

Posted at Tuesday, December 5, 2017 in General

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December 5, 2017, Written by: Shannon Beamon, reporter for The Stanly News & Press

The case of a missing horse turned tragic this week.

Blaze -- a 20-year-old buckskin mustang belonging to Tina Schrimpsher of Stanfield -- was found dead at an undisclosed location on Monday, according to the non-profit Stolen Horse International.

Stolen Horse International was helping Schrimpsher run both a physical and online campaign to find Blaze, who went missing from her home a few days before Thanksgiving.

“Unfortunately, this is not the outcome we had hoped for,” said Pam Miller, a report manager for Stolen Horse International. “He has been found but not the way any of us would wish.”

The group did not offer any details about how or in what state the body was found, stating that an investigation into Blaze’s death is still underway.

At this time, the Stanly County Sheriff’s Department has not responded to requests for more information, either.

However, due to a number of unusual details about Blaze’s dissapearence -- uneaten food, an intact fence, and suspicious tire tracks on the premesis -- the  Sheriff’s Department was investigating the case as a larceny.

Schrimpsher could not be reached for comment yet, but according to her Facebook posts, she believes Blaze was killed. 

“It’s been really hard,” Schrimpsher said after Blaze's initial disappearance.

She rescued Blaze from an abusive home about 15 years ago, she explained, and her  late son Jason trained him before passing away about seven years ago.

“The grandkids always ask to see him... he comes up to the kitchen window just to look in on me,” Schrimpsher said. “Blaze is family... We’re torn up without him.”

Source: The Stanly News & Press, Shannon Beamon, http://www.thesnaponline.com/news/missing-horse-found-dead/article_5398044a-d9df-11e7-84f7-cb25b7d973af.html 

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Related to Report: NR005373

Posted by Pam Miller

Report Manager