Stolen horses safetly returned home to Henry County

Posted at Tuesday, September 27, 2016 in Article

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Buddy, on left, and Henry greet each other after being reunited this weekend. Photo Courtesy of: Rachel Moore & Samantha McGinnis

Aimee Jones with Henry Herald reported on September 26, 2016,

LOCUST GROVE — The reach of social media is being credited for the recovery of two horses stolen last week in Henry County.

Rachel Moore, who owns the two horses – Buddy and Henry – said word of the stolen animals went viral throughout social media, reaching people in other states.

“We had pictures plastered all over Facebook,” Moore said, adding that millions of people shared their posts of the stolen horses.

As a result, the horses were found – one in South Carolina and one in North Georgia – and returned home this weekend.

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Resource: Henry Herald, September 26, 2016, Aimee Jones,

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Related to Report: NR005050

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