PRESS RELEASE Horse Missing from Abbeville County, Needs Your Help

PRESS RELEASE Horse Missing from Abbeville County, Needs Your Help

10 May 2023



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 Horse Missing from Abbeville County, Needs Your Help

May 9, 2023 – A South Carolina man sits at this table, close to tears, because of the uncertainty surrounding his new horse Mud, who disappeared on a trail days earlier. He knows that finding a runaway horse can be difficult, and sometimes they are never found. 

On Friday, May 5, a horse threw his owner and disappeared from Fell Hunt Club in Bradley, SC. Mud, believed still in the forest, went missing on the trail at Parsons Mountain fully tacked. The owner and volunteers have been searching ever since.

Mud is a 16-year-old Chesnut (reddish black) Quarter Horse mare with a blaze on her face and three white stockings. She is almost 16 hands tall, which to a non-horse person is a very tall horse. It is important to note that when Mud was first purchased, she was redder than currently. Now she is becoming darker and starting to show more black. Pictures of the coloring can be found on Mud's webpage.

The owner, Tristen Sullivan, is worried about his horse and has turned to social media and Stolen Horse International-NetPosse Missing and Stolen Equine for help finding Mud. He has not had the horse long and worries that she is in danger in the forest. 

Sullivan told Stolen Horse International's founder, "When Mud first ran off, I was simultaneously shocked and scared. The panic set in when I could not find her back at camp!" 

Days later, there have been no sightings of Mud. Is Mud still in the woods? Has someone found the horse and does not know where to return her? Or, even worse, has someone found Mud and decided to keep or make money by selling her? Although we hope she is still close by, anything is possible.

Once Sullivan watched his horse run away and could not find her, he started his quest to find him by posting on social media. People immediately recommended he contact NetPosse, also known as Stolen Horse International. 

Sullivan filed a "Missing Horse" report on Stolen Horse International's website, After Stolen Horse International received and reviewed the information, the site generated Mud's flyer. 

"I am still shaken up and scared of where she could be. When we were running thru the trails, I felt like we both were very happy and having a great time, but once my saddle slipped and I watched her run off, I was terrified."

Volunteers with Stolen Horse International issued the NetPosse Alert, the horse industry 'Amber' Alert, to social media platforms, network partners, and their NetPosse News e-newsletter. 

"Mud's flyer needs to be posted in all public places since it is possible that someone has seen the horse and does not know whom to contact. And remember, only some people are on the internet, especially in rural areas of the country. It is up to those online to download and print the flyer. Help ensure Mud's flyer is visible in public places," says Stolen Horse International founder Debi Metcalfe.

"I did not sleep much this last weekend, knowing she was out there alone and probably just as scared as I was. I am very grateful for all the wonderful help of all the people that showed up to help bring my girl home, " says Sullivan.

Sullivan continues, "I want nothing more than to have Mud grazing in our fields again. With Mud being gone, I have not eaten or slept much. I have been torn up, but I am trying to keep it together to help get her home."

Check updates on Mud's webpage, along with other information and a printable flyer. 

Contact the owner: Tristen Sullivan, at 864-431-2040.

People interested in helping can search for NETPOSSE ID #6029 on 

You can also use the direct link on the site:

Mud's webpage: 

Mud's NetPosse Alert Post: Feel free to share it everywhere. 

Online press release here:  
Pictures provided by request.


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