Happy dance time for lost horse and dog in Mississippi

Happy dance time for lost horse and dog in Mississippi

29 May 2022


Our volunteer staff at Stolen Horse International-NetPosse love it when someone on our social media platforms tags us, and even more so when the story involved turns out to be a HAPPY DANCE story. 

Most people know that horses are herd animals and do not like to be away from their herd of horses. This dog is part of the herd for this horse.  

We tagged us on May 27th, 2002, on this post involving a horse and dog found in Mississippi.  

Ronnie Moore, a Sergeant at the Rankin County Sheriff's Office in Mississippi on his Facebook page, posted the following on his Facebook page about the two. 

Moore says, "God! We never know what kind of call we will be dispatched to as a Deputy! This morning around 2 am, we get a call about a White Horse and White Dog going south on HWY 471 just right before the Langford fire department. Well myself, Justin Davis and Lewis Hunter located the horse & Dog together. Well, when the Dog would get out of sight of the horse, the horse would start freaking out because he couldn't see the Dog. As long they was together, the horse was fine. We didn't have any luck finding the horse and dog owners, so we called out the animal control officer to bring a horse trailer for the horse. Well again, the horse wouldn't load up without his friend the Dog. We had to put the Dog inside the trailer with the horse and transport both to the Rankin county animal shelter. We will post both of them on the Rankin county sheriffs department website so the owner will find them and return them back home. I figured the Dog and horse was raised up together with the & bond they had together like a family." 

Good news! Moore posted that the owner had been found in a post later on the same day.  

Moore says in his post, "God! Update on the Horse and Dog! The owners have been contacted. On the behalf of the The Rankin County Sheriffs Department, we just want to say thanks for all the caring text messages and prayers that we found the owners of the horse and Dog" 

Reunited stories, we love them. All of our volunteers at Stolen Horse International-NetPosse Missing and Stolen Equine love it when there is a reunion between animals and their owners. We can't remember a story reading or working with victims where a horse and a dog were together and inseparable. This story is a first. 

We want to thank the deputies for their service and Ronnie Moore for posting this information. We appreciate the law enforcement officers for leaving the pair together and understanding the relationship between these two.  




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