Four lost horses in Sierra NV mountains recovered

Four lost horses in Sierra NV mountains recovered


We want to thank everyone who tagged Stolen Horse International-NetPosse Missing and Stolen Equine on Facebook about the four horses lost in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

We want you to know that the horses were found around 2 pm on Thursday and it is HAPPY DANCE time for the owner and the horses. 

Kacey Souza Avila says in her Facebook posts, "They were seen by plane by a good Samaritan last night at 7 pm and we were given the coordinates. This morning we asked for a couple of wranglers from Kennedy Meadows to go out and find them. We just got word that all 4 were caught and they are headed back down the mountain with them to the trailer. They will call us this evening when they get back to Kennedy Meadows to update us."

"I want to thank everyone for their concern and for caring and sharing to help us get our buddies back! I can't even thank you all enough! We have met and talked to a ton of amazing people this past week and the networking has been unbelievable! I have had almost a hundred private messages and haven't even been able to respond to them all. But thanks again. I will try to update you tomorrow once they are back with us! Wooohoooo!"

We love HAPPY DANCE moments for any and all animals! We are sure you do too. Feel free to share this happy dance from our page with your friends and groups. 

Original Facebook Posts:

Wednesday Afternoon Update: Still no sightings of our horses. Everyone has been asking so figured I'd update. I will continue to update this post as any news comes in.

Monday, August 30, 2021 - Sad news friends....we lost 4 of our horses up in the Sierra Nevadas. PLEASE SHARE TO HELP SPREAD THE WORD. That is the only way we will find them. 3 horses are ours and one belongs to a friend who was up with Lucas.
4 Lost Horses out of Paradise Valley Thursday (8/26) at dark. Something spooked them and they bolted out of camp and haven't been seen.
Packed in from the Disaster Creek Trailhead and camping in Paradise Valley.
Disaster Peak Trailhead is at the end of Clarks Fork exit off Hwy 108.
Think they went up and over Disaster Peak and could be headed toward Boulder Peak or Murray Canyon. They may take the PCT also.
1 Gray Gelding dragging a 15foot rope picket line from front leg.
1 Dark Sorrel/Chestnut Gelding with big blaze & hobbled front legs
1 Sorrel Gelding with thin blaze
1 Dun Mare with blaze and black mane & tail has blue halter on.

Please help us find our horses! This country is vast and rugged!
Kennedy Meadows Resort and Pack Station has all of our information as well.

We are offering a $1,000 reward ($250 per head) to anyone who finds them and brings them out. Our fear is injuries especially to the one with hobbles and the one dragging the rope.
We have reached out to many agencies but we need the word spread so if people happen to run across them they know who to contact to find us.

Thank you to all helping and anyone who shares this!
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Photos from Kacey Souza Avila's Facebook post. 



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