Are "found" horses really abandoned?

Are "found" horses really abandoned?

02 June 2013

foundLACAhorse.JPGJune 2, 2013 - We at Stolen Horse International, aka, are happy that this horse was found and is going to have a new home. If there is an owner that turned it lose in this shape intentionally we hope they are found and prosecuted. Read the full LA Times story and watch the video about this found Los Angeles found horse click here.

Let's think outside the box for a moment. What if this horse was not turned lose? What if it was lost and no one knows where it goes back home?

It could already be a rescue horse and someone could be trying to rehab the horse already. Is that really possible. the answer is yes!

RipleyMissingAL2013REC1.JPGWe just had a rescue horse stolen from the rescuer just one week after the rescue got him to thier farm. If you had found this horse wandering the streets you would have made the same assumption that he was abandoned too. But in this case and many more around the country that would be in incorrect assumption. This horse was most likely stolen and dropped off later after the "heat" was turned on to find him. Read more about Ripley, lost/stolen in May 2013. Click here.

Another case involved two found grey horses most people thought may have been "dumped" even though they were in great shape. Turns out the two horses were stolen and later dumped out by the person who had them after our NetPosse Alerts for the found horses circulated to thousands. Read more about these horses here.

We know that lost and stolen horses go through trauma after they are lost or stolen. They can change hands many times and lose a tremendous amount of weight. They can be exposed to terrible conditions along the their journey.

Did anyone consider this could be someone's stolen horse or missing horse? Did any one do a search regionally or nation wide to see if there could be an owner out there somewhere?

If found horses could talk they would may a story to tell far from what the public considers.

Please take one more moment of your time and go to the website and search through our missing, lost, found and stolen database. You may just find a gem there that can make one of our horse owners happy. You may be the missing link that brings another horse home!


Click here to go to the Reports Search page on where you can search color, gender, state, breed, owner, listing classifications and much more. Put in the word you want to search and the click on the drop down arrow out to the right of the word for categories. You will be surprised at all of the horses that you will see!

Help us help others! Search search search!


RESOURCE:Watch video and read story of found horse at this  LA Times news link,

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