Firefighters, deputies rescue horse stuck in South Fork River

Firefighters, deputies rescue horse stuck in South Fork River

18 August 2016


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Photo Screenshot from of Vicky Jarrett with her horse, Peyton, after
he was rescued from the South Fork River.

LINCOLN COUNTY, N.C. - Volunteer firefighters and deputies in Lincoln County spent nearly two hours Thursday morning rescuing a horse that was stuck in a river.

A firefighter took cellphone video of the 15-year-old horse who was found stuck in the South Fork River near Vale.

Firefighters said the horse could not get out on its own, and with the threat of afternoon rain, they were concerned he could have been swept away.

They used a backhoe to clear an area and were able to get the horse safely out of the river.

"When I found him this morning, all he had was his head up out of water,” said the animal’s owner, Vicky Jarrett. “I went in and started yelling and it seemed people started coming. I'm glad he's OK, just tickled he's OK."

The horse, which is nicknamed Peyton, only had a few scratches.

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