PRESS RELEASE: Idaho, Legend Horse Dies at 32

PRESS RELEASE: Idaho, Legend Horse Dies at 32

12 August 2016




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Shelby, NC, August 12, 2016–  Stolen Horse International, Inc. aka™ is sad to announce that on August 11, 2016, Idaho, the horse that started an International Quest to help find missing, lost, and stolen horses was helped over the Rainbow Bridge by her beloved family. At 32 years old and battling cancer, the Metcalfes knew it was time to let go of this special mare. However, her legacy will live on! 

Idaho was stolen on September 26, 1997, from Harold and Debi Metcalfe’s pasture in Shelby, NC. Over the next year, Debi spent every free moment sending e-mails, posting flyers, and talking to strangers. Traveling hundreds of miles that year to visit horse auctions or speak to people who might have encountered Idaho, the Metcalfes persisted in the search when friends and family members told them to give up. Fifty-one weeks later they found her and brought her home on September 17, 1998. 

Debi’s unexpected quest for Idaho resulted in breaking the silence about horse theft and tearing down barriers so more horses could be recovered. Debi quit her job and established Stolen Horse International – all because of one horse. While the Metcalfes know it was Idaho’s brave spirit that brought her through the yearlong ordeal and called to them over the miles and days of their search for her, they also knew that time would take its toll. Finally, on August 11, 2016, Idaho was assisted in crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Here she is reunited with all those that have gone before her … the stolen and missing horses that never made it home.


"We all have a "moment" in life where we realize something important for the first time, an epiphany of sorts. Mine came when I was speaking in New York in 2014. I turned around to look at the screen and saw this image. It was then that I realized for the first time that what I do, what we do through this organization, touches many lives in a good way. I had to pause for a moment as it hit me, you can never underestimate the power of one. This was my moment in time when I knew that I had "done good", and that what I do matters.” - Debi Metcalfe

Debi and Harold Metcalfe of Shelby, North Carolina established the nonprofit Stolen Horse International, Inc.™ after the theft and recovery of Harold’s horse, Idaho, in 1998. Known as NetPosse, the organization is the equine community’s renowned source on horse theft education. Through its volunteer network, NetPosse assists those with stolen and missing horses, tack, trailers and other farm equipment and livestock.

 The Metcalfes couldn’t give up on Idaho because to them she wasn’t just a horse.

Idaho is a symbol of hope for every stolen or missing horse that has yet to be recovered.

Rest in peace, Idaho.

Your journey will not be in vain.

Your purpose will not be forgotten.

Your legend will live on.

Your spirit will be forever with us.

It’s not often that a simple trail horse can inspire an international quest, but Idaho did.

Run Free Idaho!

Written By: Angela (Kirby) Beck

NetPosse Executive Consultant

Never underestimate the power of one. Whether it be one person reporting a stolen or missing horse, or that one person who does the right thing and helps locate a stolen animal.

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For a personal message from Debi Metcalfe, Founder of Stolen Horse International, Inc.™, on the passing of Idaho – Legend Horse Dies at 32, please visit this link:

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