Recipes from the Barn

Recipes from the Barn


Thank you so much, Hags With Nags, for thinking of us, and for supporting our mission work. This is a beautiful cookbook. Check it out.

"It is brought to you by our sister page, Hags with Nags Foodies; our collaborative cookbook is now available in hardcover. And 10% of our sales still go to Stolen Horse International. Buy one today and help us help bring horses home," says author, Julia Edwards Drake.


The Haggy Sisters have laughed together and cried together, sharing the stories of Life. Now we can cook together with the shared recipes in Recipes from the Barn; A Collaborative Cookbook from Hags with Nags. From entrees to desserts, we have recipes spanning our diverse community. Cast iron cooking, quick dinners, and recipes for your four-legged friends. What pup doesn't love Doggie Icecream? Favorite 'adult beverages' and favorite veggie recipes are included. We also answered the question about beans in chili. We decided beans in chili are a personal choice! Many tips are included to help you with bread baking and gourmet desserts or even what onion to use. Fresh dinner ideas to get you through the show season or planting season and a few funny anecdotes to give you a smile. We hope this cookbook reflects the community of Hags with Nags and our commitment to one another as we meet life from the back of a horse or from the kitchen or campfire. Hags Rock and Hags with Nags Foodies can Cook!

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