How to Print a Flyer on

How to Print a Flyer on


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Read below to learn why you need to print a flyer for our victims.


 Flyers Matter

Want to help a victim but don't know what to do? Print a flyer and post it in a public place for them. It is easy. It is cheap.

This instructional poster shows you how to find, save to your computer, and print. You can also use a pdf document from our Resource Center or this ebook, 

Our flyers under the FILES section are pre-formatted to fit a sheet of letter-size paper and are a high-quality PDF document. 

Save the file to a folder on your computer and then print it as you would any document. 

Now, go to one of our reports on / and print all the flyers you can, and post them in public places. Think outside the box. Remember that many people do not have the internet and even fewer have social media accounts. 

PLACES TO POST FLYERS (Just to name a few)
  • feed stores
  • tack stores
  • cowboy apparel stores
  • grocery stores
  • gas stations
  • any store where people gather
  • horse events
  • on vehicles at horse events or sales
  • horse auctions
  • hair salons (Yes, two horses were recovered after a lady saw one of our flyers hanging on the wall)

Think outside of the box. We love suggestions. Please, tell us yours by typing them in the COMMENT BOX below.  (You must be logged in to leave a comment.)
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