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Posted at Thursday, February 9, 2012 in Report Updates

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People are picking up the press releas and it is spreading like wild fire. Stolen Horse International would like to thank everyone who is spreading the word about the stolen Camp El Har horses Blaze and Zip.

Stolen Horse International Press Release: Feel free to share

1st Headlines (feed)

All over Craigslist and Oklahoma Pages:

Barrel Horse News on Facebook:

Church & Synagouge News Blog:

Dallas Morning News:

Dallas Report on Twitter:!/DallasReport/status/166131111997603840

Dream Horse Home:

DallasForMe Blog:

Dallas WFAA News 8 (ABC):

Dallas CBS DFW News:

Dallas Video:




Horse Forum:

Horse Camps (side bar video link)

Houston KHOU TV News:

InstantNewsTexas (linked to WFAA)

Rate My Horse Pro: 

Red Lasso (daily links!)

RoadRunner News

San Antonio KENS News 5:

SureBet Racing News (link on front page next to cartoon) 

Tails Inc

Tewspaper Dallas:

The City Horse (her fans have reposted on their blogs too!)

Times of India:

UNamethePrice Pet Supplies

UpDtMe has 2 links a little bit down the page: News:


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Related to Report: NR001530

Posted by Debi Metcalfe

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