RMHP Church Camp Horses Stolen, Children Heartbroken

Posted at Monday, February 6, 2012 in Report Updates

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Clip - campElHarchildrenwithflyer.jpgThe gates at Camp El Har church camp were checked, every horse was taken care of and they were turned out into their pasture for the night. The camp had 10 lesson horses used to teach church members to ride, but two have been stolen.

Tuesday two horses did not come when they were called up to be fed and watered. It was not until Tiffany Gardner later walked the fence line on foot that she noticed the wire had been cut. It was at that moment she knew the horses had been stolen!

The children at Camp El Har are devastated that someone stole Zip and Blaze, sorrel Quarter Horse mares from the southwest Dallas church camp. Owner Tiffany Gardner says, “They were taken by the thief from their stable, led through three other properties to a trailer parked on the service road of Spur 408 and then loaded on a trailer.” She continues, “I feel violated, insecure and can’t help thinking about where they are at this very moment.”

Any child’s horse is special, but Zip and Blaze are a little more-so than most. Since 2009, Zip has been faithfully serving riders at the church camp with her patient personality. “Even on days when Zip is stubborn, I learn something from her,” says Gardner of the nine year old mare who came into her life in 2006 as Finally Got Zipped, aka “Zip.”

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Resource: http://www.ratemyhorsepro.com/news/church-camp-horses-stolen-children-heartbroken.aspx

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Related to Report: NR001530

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