I Am Just A Volunteer

Posted at Wednesday, August 2, 2017 in Article

 by Dawn Thomson
I am a VOLUNTEER with Stolen Horse International™ aka NetPosse™.  I may or may not have my own story of loss, yet I have my own story. My reasons for doing this may vary. I spend long hours reaching out to help others in the search for their “loved one” or property but…I am just a VOLUNTEER!When the phone call or message comes across my screen or into my ear, I share your sense of panic and vow to do everything in my power to help you to reach a happy ending or find the closure you seek. I hear your story. I share your pain. I am here for the long haul standing beside you, if not physically then mentally every step of the way yet…I am just a VOLUNTEER! 

by Dawn Thomson

Depending on my job as a VOLUNTEER I will spend hour upon hour doing what I do, from processing your report, using resources to aid in your search, sharing your report, sending out emails, seeking funds to keep the organization viable and going, answering phone calls, emails and messages, placing ads on your behalf, searching auctions and pages looking, searching, over and over with you and for you but…I am just a VOLUNTEER! 

If logistics are in line I will put my boots on and walk or ride alongside you in the search, fly my drone overhead searching, ride my horse, ATV, or on foot, searching anywhere and everywhere. In my travels I am looking, be it pastures, highways or parking lots. I am always on duty but…I am just a VOLUNTEER! 

When there is news I share your feelings. If it is sad news I am going to cry. If it is happy news I am going to celebrate with and for you. I live and work for happy news but I cannot control any outcome no matter how hard I try.  I do not do this for money or fame. I do this because I want to help you. I do this for the love of animals. I do this because I am seeking the same outcome that you are. I do this because I care. I am here from beginning to end, good or bad yet…I AM JUST A VOLUNTEER!!

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Posted by Dawn Thomson

Case Manager NY