Carriage horse foils would-be thief

Carriage horse foils would-be thief

11 May 2012

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ST. LOUIS  - According to news reports a man who tried to steal a St Louis sightseeing carriage on Tuesday underestimated the power of one horse, Harry. The attempted theft of the carriage and horse were foiled when Harry bolted for the barn.

Larry Turner, driver of the carriage told police that Johnny Medina rushed him and struck him with a cane as he was driving Harry back to the stables.

With Medina holding the reins, Harry ran to safety at his barn. A witness at the barn said that Medina got out of the carriage and kicked and struck the horse.

Thanks to two military men Medina was subdued until police arrived.

The suspect, 40-year-old Johnny Medina is charged with assault, animal abuse and robbery. He has been incarcerated on $30,000 bond.

It is a natural response for a horse to flee danger and Harry's horse sense saved him as he fled his thief. 

This case helps explain how horses thought to have "just" gotten out may have actually had assistance in doing so. It also shows that theft can happen anywhere at anytime, even in a big city around many people.

This is not the first time has seen this type of theft. It is the first time we have seen a carriage horse take charge. At least a little justice was seved by none other than Harry himself. He took his thief on a ride he will never forget!

Way to go Harry!

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