Do You Know People Who Play With ‘Big Boy Toys’?

Do You Know People Who Play With ‘Big Boy Toys’?

22 April 2017

NetPosse Drones

We don’t need the help of unmanned aerial vehicles or ‘drones’ very often-thank heaven-or even search-and rescue teams (foot, mounted, or otherwise). But when we do, we do! In the very nature of things, we need to have resources everywhere that we can call on when we need them-not frantically looking for somebody in hopes of getting there in time.

Which means-if you would, please and thank you-share this around so those people will know that we want to get in touch with them on a pro-active basis. Just “if we need somebody in your area, how would we get in touch?” kind of thing. It is volunteer-pro-bono. We can’t pay, but it is an opportunity to fly for a reason and help in a search mission. Who knows? Might be the one to locate what we are looking for!


Debi Metcalfe

Founder |