COVID-19: A Survey and Some Helpful Tips for the Equine World

COVID-19: A Survey and Some Helpful Tips for the Equine World

24 March 2020


American Horse Council

The emergence of COVID-19 has brought about postponements and cancellations of many popular competitions and large group events across the country. This has thrust equestrian professionals into resetting their calendars in order to keep their clients engaged while absorbing the loss of projected income that participation in these events would have provided for their businesses.

The American Horse Council has set up a survey site to assess the way COVID-19 has impacted the industry’s economy and gather data on the losses that the economy has sustained.

“The pathogen’s effect has been felt across a range of industries. To be proactive, we’d like to suggest that the equine community begin to think about quantifying our losses,” the AHC said in a written statement. “Just like the airline industry, the hospitality industry, and other sporting industries, we need to gather data that will help us convey our message.”

To that end, the AHC is inviting all people who make their living in the equine industry to participate in a survey they have designed that will collect “qualitative and quantitative data” concerning the losses and challenges they now face. To participate in this survey, either call the American Horse Council at 202-296-4031 or send an email to

CDC/WHO Guidelines for You

By adopting the CDC/WHO guidelines on Coronavirus you can remain safe at the barn while still enjoying your time there.

  • Maintain a minimum space barrier of six feet between yourself and other people at all times
  • No more than 10 people in an area or present at an activity at one time
  • Disinfect all common surfaces and common items handled by multiple people.

Because COVID-19 germs can also be spread through contact with infected surfaces, expect all commonly shared barn items such as muck tubs, forks, wheelbarrows, etc to be off-limits for 45 days or until the COVID-19 event passes from your area.

Clients can help out by posting distance learning and distance schooling opportunities their farm is providing on social media, paying fees on time, maintaining social distancing, and remaining home when they are ill. An excellent article, with many more tips and ideas, is posted on Eventing Nation.

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20 March 2020



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