Warning for horse owners after another slaughter attempt in Florida.

Warning for horse owners after another slaughter attempt in Florida.

07 January 2020


ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. - Brena Kramer says three intruders came onto her property through a side gate and attempted to slaughter her horses for meat over the weekend.  She wants to warn other horse owners so they may be on the lookout for these intruders.

Her two Rottweilers intervened and scared away the intruders. The dogs got a couple of scratches on their heads possibly from being hit.

The horses sustained a few injuries including cuts near their eyes, rope burns near their mouths and the owner found one horse with a rope still tied around his neck.

"Butchering, something that has been going on for years is getting more common places in Florida", says Debi Metcalfe, president of Stolen Horse International. 

"There have been other butchering cases in other counties, Manatee, Sumter, and Marion," Metcalfe said. "We broke this story first many years ago after we had seven stolen horses reported to us in just a little over a year. We later found out that several had been slaughter so we issued press releases in Florida as a warning for the horse owners. Sadly this crime has never slowed down since."

Authorities in Pasco County are looking into the incident. 

Metcalfe says, "I hope they really take this seriously. Lives depend on it in the future"
Brena Kramer talks to FOSX 13
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