Stolen Horse International plea to the news media regarding the Florida Horse Butchering news coverage

Stolen Horse International plea to the news media regarding the Florida Horse Butchering news coverage

04 July 2011

horsethiefc160978_l.jpg Commentary By Debi Metcalfe, President of Stolen Horse International

July 21, 2009

I have read the articles and seen the news footage. I greatly appreciate that the news media reported this terrible crime to the public. I applaud them for alerting the public.

However, the story is much deeper than what I have seen written or broadcast in the news media. I was disappointed that they ultimately put the cart before the horse and missed the first real problem in this terrible situation in Miami.

While some horses have been attacked on their property, most of the horses have been STOLEN first.

So far, the news media has dealt with only one aspect of the story, the result. Now that they have brought awareness, I hope they will do a follow-up story on educational solutions to help the owners not be the next victim.

A person can't butcher a horse if they can't get to it first. No one knows that part of the story better than us. We deal specifically with this every day of the week.

How are horse owners supposed to protect themselves? You didn't give any tips for horse owners trying to keep this horrific crime from happening to their horses.

And in this case, specifically, we have been fighting back with education through our NetPosse network by dropping this story with prevention tips into thousands of email boxes in the Florida area, with even more around the country.

Please look at the horses we have listed in Florida on our site at Stolen Horse International, I have to wonder how many of them have ended up like the horses in Florida, and we don't know it yet. How many of their carcasses have yet to be found? How much of this is happening around the country and is going unnoticed?

Horse owners need to know how to help themselves so their horses will not end up on our site or in the following news piece.

The butchering of horses is not just a horse owner's problem and one that the general public can be instrumental in resolving. I will gladly assist anyone interested in a following up article that needs to be written. Providing educational, preventative tips is what we do best at


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