Are Professional Microchip Providers Educated Equally?

Are Professional Microchip Providers Educated Equally?

16 May 2018

After working with missing horses and equine ID for two decades, we've found equine ID  to have some of the most mistated information of any topic in the horse industry.

We've found that in any profession there comes a time when facts are mixed in with fiction. We find this to be especially true in the microchip industry with professional microchip providers.  One of the biggest problems in the microchip industry, in our opinion, is the misstatement of facts, innocently or intentional. In the end there is always room for better education.

We hope this educational video helps you understand that no matter how much education one has, there may be room for more.  We have worked with, talked with, answered questions from and educated many people who insert or sell microchips. In doing so we think the professional microchip providers and their staff should know:

  • their microchip company by name
  • the frequency they are selling
  • the difference between the US Standard and the International chips
  • if their scanner reads all frequencies, just a few or only one
  • that the same microchips are used for all animals
  • what the name of the microchip registry and if the company has one or not
  • that the professional should not be the only place where the microchip is registered
  • that all chips should be registered with the company in which they sell
  • that not all scanners may read all microchips
  • the old universal scanners that read only the 125 Khz frequency do not read the new international 134 kHz chips
  • the 125 kHz frequency is a lifetime microchip and they do need a scanner to read that frequency
  • that there are scanners that only read the 134 kHz frequency
  • what their scanners read and don't read
  • all professionals should have or upgrade to a true universal scanner, not a cheap copy of one
  • the proper place and way to insert the microchip, horse’s nuchal ligament
  • that a microchip cannot be removed without general anesthesia and surgery
  • microchips do not migrate when properly implanted
  • microchips are read-only and do not contain GPS
  • that one day we will be transitioned to the newer International microchip, but we are not there yet
We hope this video helps you understand that what you are told may or may not be true. Make sure you do your own research, ask the right questions and make sure your microchip provider has the correct answers.

We found the person in the video to be extremely nice and truthful about what she knew or didn't know. She was also willing to look up information and get back with us on the information she did not know. She also assumed that the professionals that she worked for knew the answers to the questions.

Often the people who purchase the microchips are staffers who buy online or who are approached by a salesperson. You may or may not get the right information from either as was the case in this example on the video.

If you have questions you can contact us on our website, or on our Facebook page, Stolen Horse International, Inc., aka 

FAQ AS OF 2018

  • There are over 20 micorchip makers in the USA who have unique microchip codes and are identified by the first 3 numbers of the microchip, making the company easier to identify.
  • Europe has a shared code that starts with 900 in the number making it hard to traceback to the company of origin. 
  • It is recommended to use a microchip company with a unique code and prove track record, not one tht uses a 900 code.
  • When a horse is sold the microchip needs to be transferred to the new owner.
  • The top microchip companies do have a pet or horse registry or one they use. We do not recommend the free registries.
    • AVID - PetTrac and HorseTrac
    • HomeAgain - HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database
    • MicrochipID - Equine Protection Network
    • Datamars - PetLink
    • Destron Fearing - No data

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