NetPosse All-Equine ID Record Keeping Registry

NetPosse All-Equine ID Record Keeping Registry


by Catherine Girard

The NetPosse ID Registry is the only complete microchip registry service provided by Stolen Horse International Inc/, the first and only nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of all equines.

The NetPosse ID Registry provides horse owners with a detailed history and ID protection for their horses. It increases the chances that their horses will be found should they become lost, missing or stolen, and provides peace of mind to owners that they have offered additional protection to enable their horses to come home.

The 134 kHz microchip is FEI/USEF/USDF/USHJA and USDA compliant. In addition to recording your horse’s name, your name and contact information, this registry has a large storage capacity allowing you to store the documents you need to get your horse back fast, all accessible with a SmartPhone, tablet or desktop computer. You can easily store the following documents in this registry:

All Equine ID- You can record all types of equine identification in this registry. It is not just a microchip registry. You can enter brands, lip tattoos, freeze marks, DNA information, hoof brands, and the microchip information from any company. 

Bill of Sale- The definitive proof of ownership! This document can save you a lot of time and money that could otherwise be going towards legal fees and court costs in order to claim your horse should it become stolen. The chip is scanned, the horse’s name, your contact information appears,   the Bill of Sale is there to confirm your ownership and that ends it. You get your horse back.

Registry/Breeding Records- These documents, while necessary for entry into breed shows and events, also provide supporting evidence of ownership. Due to thieves’ ability to replicate and forge breed registry papers, these do not carry the weight of a Bill of Sale in proving ownership but do provide good supporting evidence along with your horse’s identification photos published on the document. Should your registry papers become lost, you can easily access them here.

Veterinary/Farrier Records- Complete veterinary and farrier records including Passport information, Health Certificates, Coggins test results needed for travel and show entry not only support your claim to ownership but also come in handy should your horse need medical attention. Keep up with these records in this registry too.

Show records, photos of you and your horse, emergency contact information, show and event dates, a record of all costs associated with your animal and much, much more can all be uploaded by you onto the chip. This registry is open to all equines, livestock, cats, dogs, saddles, tack and just about anything else you would want to protect!

If your horse, pet or item is stolen, the NetPosse ID Registry includes the filing of a basic Missing/Stolen report free of charge. Once this report is filed and published it is sent to our vast network of volunteers and members, shared internationally on social media, and can be made into printable fliers that you can post locally. Your report remains posted on our site for all to see until your stolen horse, pet or belonging is found. There are no time limits or extra charges involved.

Unlike other for-profit companies that charge for the chip and then charge an additional fee for their registry, the complete NetPosse ID Registry, with the chip included, costs are just $40.00 per kit and just $19.99 per registration. Compare that to the prices that other companies are charging for their complete packages and you will enjoy substantial savings by purchasing your kit from our nonprofit organization and gaining more protection.  The more horses you register, the greater your savings will be!

Your purchase of a complete NetPosse ID Registry helps to support an internationally renowned, all-volunteer, nonprofit organization with over twenty years of experience finding lost, missing and stolen horses. Stolen Horse International, Inc is highly respected by law enforcement agencies across the globe.

125 kHz microchips are available by request for owners wishing to use these instead of the 134 kHz chips.



Stolen Horse International provides news and other resources for free on this website. As a charitable organization we survive on the kindness of people like you. Please consider donating to help fund the organization or purchasing a NetPosse ID for your horse, dog or cat to help protect your beloved animals!
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