NetPosse Mailbox: What proves equine ownership?

NetPosse Mailbox: What proves equine ownership?


Lily recently read Debi Metcalfe's article in Equus Magazine titled, When is Horse Theft Not A Crime. After reading the article she had many really great well thought out questions.

We did answer her questions but since laws can be different in different states, the use of each form of ID can be used differently by law enforcement, we thought it would be good for her to hear from other horse owners across the US. 

We will do our best to explain the reality behind the misinformation and myths in our comments.

What worked? What didn't? Why?

We really want to hear from people who have both successfully and unsuccessfully recover a missing, lost, or stolen horse in the past. 

Lily's questions and comments follow.

"Hello! After I read your article in Equus I was wondering— Does a microchip implanted by a vet PROVE ownership?  I have two horses who were rescues that I do not have a bill of sale for. This is why I am asking. 

I also have one horse that has a bill of sale, but it is handwritten and not notarized in any way. Would this be considered legally valid?

Also if it is not proof of ownership— what can I do? 
One more question— sorry! I am attempting to run a cost-benefit analysis on freeze branding versus chipping.

Is one more painful?
Is one more invasive?
Is a freeze brand more of a theft deterrent?
Does one more legally prove ownership?
How much do you think one would cost compared to the other?
Can one be altered?

Also, some are saying auctions don’t always check for chips?



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