What Is a NetPosse Cold Case?

What Is a NetPosse Cold Case?

05 January 2018

A NetPosse cold case is a filed report on our website, aka www.netposse.org, that Stolen Horse International still needs to be resolved. 

Solving all types of NetPosse cases requires witnesses who may know a clue about all kinds of issues, which may include:

  • stolen horses
  • missing horses
  • searching for a horse
  • searching for horse history
  • stolen equipment
  • stolen trailers
  • cruelty cases 

Without leads, cases can become cold but not impossible to solve, even a decade later. These cases can baffle our victims and owners that file. 

Investigations that go on for more than a year without resolution can have a disastrous effect on the family and victims in an unsolved murder, sexual assault, or missing person case.

Criminal investigations involving criminal thefts in certain states are not subject to a statute of limitations and can take as long as necessary. 

In NetPosse unsolved cold case files, Stolen Horse International will seek new leads with the help of our followers on social media platforms. 

Our website has helped solve cold cases over ten years after a horse disappears. One stolen saddle was found 20 years after it was stolen in 2022. 

Stolen Horse International better serves the victims by periodically reposting their NetPosse Alerts from our website to aid in understanding older cases. The owners and victims still seek answers even if the horse may have expired. 

Thank you to all who understand how a victim never stops hoping and searching for answers. The answer may be standing in your pasture or at a boarding barn years after the horse's disappearance. 

Stolen Horse International never gives up. 

Stolen Horse International provides news and other resources for free on this website. As a charitable organization we survive on the kindness of people like you. Please consider donating to help fund the organization or purchasing a NetPosse ID for your horse, dog or cat to help protect your beloved animals!
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