Take Precautions To Keep Your Animals Safe Before, During, and After the Storm.

Take Precautions To Keep Your Animals Safe Before, During, and After the Storm.

09 March 2016

According to The Weather Channel on March 9, 2016, Flash flood watches continue from east Texas, Louisiana and southern Mississippi to eastern Missouri and southern Illinois.

map_specnewsdct-07_ltst_4namus_enus_650x366.jpgPhoto Credit: The Weather Channel

Several parishes in northwest Louisiana have declared a state of emergency over widespread flooding.

Stolen Horse International also known as NetPosse.com wants animal lovers to take precautions to keep their animals safe before, during, and after the storm.

12031559_10208208153867513_6931323885461724132_o.jpgIf your pets, horses or livestock are not microchipped, please consider doing the following things:

 1. if you have a permanent market, write your phone number on them-neck, body, hoof. Nail polish or paint will also work.

 2. Tags can be braided into mane or tail hair or placed on collars or halters. These can be pulled off or lost, however.

 3. Take photos of you WITH the animal with a camera or phone that has the date and time. Show identifying markings.

 4. Shutting them up in barns or buildings is tempting, but unless you are certain the building can withstand hurricane force wind, they are better off outside where they can escape falling/flying debris. If they are inside, they are trapped.

 5. If you keep them with you, plan for sufficient water and feed for three days.

If they do become lost-NetPosse allows FREE disaster listings for ALL TYPES OF ANIMALS for both LOST & FOUND.

Go to netposse.com -->File a Report-->Disaster-->Fill in the form as completely as possible. Our new website is MOBILE FRIENDLY so cellphones will work. Owners and rescues will find this service very helpful.

To Search for an animal, look under Search Reports.

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