Idaho the horse that started it all with Debi and Harold.

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Never underestimate the power of one. Whether it be one person reporting a stolen or missing horse, or that one person who does the right thing and helps locate a stolen animal. Via our website you can unite with thousands of other passionate people and make a difference.


Within minutes of filing a report with NetPosse your information can be seen by thousands of followers.

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Stolen Horse International/ is a program that is very special for the horse industry and made up of great horseman. I will always appreciate and support the well being of horses. is all about that! Thanks for your dedication and passion for the horse and their loving owners!

Lynn Palm - Palm Partnership Training, 7/25/2015

I am happy to endorse you and your organization! Fortunately for me and my rescues here I have never had to utilize your organization, however many others have and always receive great support from you and your staff. From your extensive knowledge to your extensive network of professionals in authority. Your group is the best thing out there for anyone missing a horse! Thank God for your continued passionate efforts in this area! I rest easier knowing your out there if ever I need you! And thank you for always availing yourself for any and all questions I have had over the years. Always a pleasure!

Beverly Chapman, 7/24/2015

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